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I've always had a taste for travel since my childhood. With this, my desire to help others. I made it ​​my job: nurse. I specialized myself in nursery because children are the future ! they are full of energy, innocence and truth. I have always been aware of the injustice of our world, "why are we rich or poor? Why be born handicapped or with any other problems that others do not ? "

I quickly learned that life don't make gift to everyone. One is born in a rich country. Even if we are in part of the middle class, our quality of life is very high compared to most countries in the world. Most of the people think in general that we have all and them nothing. But what is it really?

During a trip to India of one month, I was struck by the friendliness of the people and the way they was happy with nothing. In France, it's the opposite, they are the champions of the " rants " and I'm the first to practice this sport. In my profession I have seen that many people was lonely, depressed , with a strong need to be heard. Many are bridled in a life to be happy: get home, job, husband, dog, pool. This kind of life's project has always gave me the blues. How can we believe that happiness is only possible with criteria reductive and impersonal ! Life is so rich in experiences. For my part, my curiosity and taste of the unexpected surprise pushed me to go towards the construction of this project. Discover, share with other ways of living, thinking, other philosophies of life that the needs who are based on the purchase of new furniture ikea that everyone have.

I met my Philippe (for the uneducated: Philippe is the Prince of Sleeping Beauty and is also the 3rd name of Geoffrey) who shares the same ideas as me ! Such a trip because like Christopher Mc Candless said in "into the wild", "Happiness is only real when shared."

We are convinced by pervasive materialism of our society and we have forgotten the essential things of life as happiness. And yes, I think the iPhone and his sterilizing waves make us less happy than a campfire with his neighbors in the dust of the street. We made indoctrinated by commercials consumption which forces us to believe that without this "new technology", you will never be happy. We become so individualistic that we dare not even talk to our neighbor or lend a hand to a stranger because you never know, maybe it will not make the same to us. One has the feeling that we "give away for nothing", but "give" mean don't expect anything in return, we lost the definition of the word...

In short, we want to find the basic necessities of life, outside of our Western comfort and going to meet people and nature, all that earth offers to us. Giving the best that we can during our trip

We therefore wish to travel the world but also in our hearts / minds, try to learn more about us, about our place in the world. Including through the body in the physical effort that we produce for us around by bike. But also through human encounters, environmental... we soak up of this world around us, feel it, live it...

That's why this trip seems essential to me at this juncture in my life where the studies are finished and I can finally be autonomous as much as Geoffrey. We take a year to save all money that we can. Too bad if the budget is not sufficient to achieve all the planned route, the haste to ride is too big for we to wait more time before giving our pedal stroke worldwide !

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