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Jojo on the road ! Jojo on the road !

I am asked the question of "far away" until very late in my life. But I've always been attracted by the fresh air, this one that I do not yet breathed. Nature always intrigued me and I adored since childhood observed it to reach understanding. Much less attracted by the social intrigues of my peers, except for friendship, one that is simple and reassuring. The friends, it's the friends that said to myself, brother !

I think everything I am, the rest of the clay that wrought me was blown through meetings and my education. I have long wanted to be a biologist or laboratory director, the study of a subject seemed to be an adventure in itself. But I was disappointed by the idea of scientific discovery , one where every things is determined in a thinking 1 +1 equals 2 (friends mathematicians surely resume me for this) . Until my path crossed art, this formless mass that asks you questions without other meaning than to ask a glue and find it just as much response as the number of times you are asked. It is not very clear it all but that is precisely what has me, the blurred but serene aspect, encrypted but clear. And while I was a shy for fear of other, I discovered that it was others who bring me the most, my charge to thank them. I love everything that is related to music, expression, as long as I have my morning coffee... ;)

I love the idea that everything is balance.

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