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A little change of scenery in the German side !

The Swiss countryside is rather nice and we quickly find the German side of Switzerland. In ten kilometers long, with no real border since you are in the same country, everything changes. The panels are not only German, gents no longer speak French ... then we understand that we need to get started! A stop to ask for water, fortunately the barmaid speak French, but I ask my request to learn German. I repeat four times out of the bar with my water-filled pocket and forget all within 5 minutes, he have to take notes!

At our Swiiiiiiiss frieeeeeends !

Arrived in Pontarlier, we take the bike path to Montbenoit. This is a false flat resting us anyway thighs after what we spent. It goes back a good slope to the village of La Chaux and we finally arrived at Laurent-Alain. We spend the day on Thursday with him and his wife, where we retaillons the stand, regraissons the chain and ... we buy a trailer!

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