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Toledo, unexpected gift !

After our train ride and a sleepless night in the legs, one arrives at Toledo, thinking arrive in an industrial town near the capital. But seeing the train station, we realize that the city has no shortage of surprises. 


300km/h maximum speed in mountain !

Do not be disappointed, this step allows us to test our skills in transportation. We take the train, but how take Sharly and what he take on his back everyday since we left Perpignan ? 

Malgrat del mar to Laforesta

So we hit the road in mid-afternoon under the honking of Carolina and JB who decides to accompany us a little... in the car ! A stop to the market to buy a crutch (that will prove too pitite for our bike) and junk food. We continue along the coast and put the camp between a golf course and a short treatment plant, a great moment of camouflage in the reeds (on the Costa Brava, the wild camper is tracked).

Cerbère to Malgrat de Mar

The next step of our journey towards Portugal ! We continued to drive to the Spanish frontier. After Cerbere, the mountain is a little bit tougher. Arrived in Port-Bou, we do the dishes and start again with fresh water. We decide to go to Decathlon at Figueres to complete our equipment. It takes a mouthpiece to inflate the mattress, towel that dries quickly, our SPD shoes on sale and a tent 3 places and freestanding (handy if you can not plant sardines, rocky terrain of the vineyards of Cerbere taught us this point). A 55 km steps in hand, we put our camp for the night in a village across the fields, in a place invaded by snails ! ^^

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