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1000 km and always fresh !

Finally we pass the Portuguese border after our last day at the water's edge. We camped cheerfully near the road to start quickly the next day. So, about ten minutes after we woke up, we finally celebrate our 1000km ! The bifurcation to Idanha-a-Nova is finally within reach, but we have four days in advance before the festival and we would like to take a real shower after all those miles. We decide to make a detour to Castelo Branco, which is the biggest city in the area to refuel and we find a new stove, ours is no longer working and we keep a half-kilo of flour (main ingredient in pancakes) since several miles for nothing.

All roads lead to Caceres...

After our trip to nature, it is not necessary to tell you that waking at 5am to enjoy the fresh air was a real failure ... The heat woke us and get out of the tent with a bunch of 15 vultures circling over the tent (although I was glad to see them, because we had could see the park the day before) ... well it's not really reassuring about the fate that is reserved for us.

Monfraguë, nature Reserve !

After all our roller coasters of the last two weeks, we had to be in a small park ... natural ! And after the town and the tourist life our tour and their hazards, find ourself anonymous in nature, amidst animals much proud that we are... it's good !


You should know that Plasencia is in a valley, in the heart of the three valleys of Extremadura, the region of Spain where we are (I say this for the bad students, those who stay at the bottom of the class). This may be redundant information... but when a city are in a valley, for me as it means climb, climb, I'll dream the night about climb if I had not been a recurring dream of kebab...

So... water is good?

That's it, it's came time for the descent ! This brings us to a beautiful river with ​​waterfalls, natural pools and lined with tourists !

Nothing stop us, we made SPLASH !

It's amazing what can come between you and your goal. For our part, arrived at Bohonal we had in mind that we should stay for days in water. And that was the case, at the foot of the Roman ruins and a pleasure to listen to after ages "Este prohibido" as soon as we pointed with the finger every little puddle !

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