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Back to the origins, the Nord-Pas-de-Calais !

The night was not so agitated it, just rain events. We are still far from the storm! And that was the case two days that followed. Every morning we question the amount of rain that contain these gray clouds. Can we rethink the announced storm and we conclude with the decision to stay the day. Still no storm, but episodes of rainfall that cause us to entrench ourselves in the tent, we "sleep" a little, watching some movies and we are moving mostly on our stock of handmade jewelry by inventing new models. When rain deign to stop a little, we take a walk outside, we take the opportunity to get to know our neighbors and pet the goats.

The March showers!

Starting from Montpellier, Alexis (a friend Montpellier) guided us with his road bike, to the exit of the big city. Thanks to him, we came out unscathed. We embarked on a stage 100 km to Vers-Pont du Gard, where friends waiting for us...

The first two days!

Hi friends!

That's it, we are finally in Montpellier. Obviously drive is off, it take 1h30 from Perpignan when you pass by the highway. But our journey was not as simple and short. And for the skeptics, know that it was obviously deliberate well. We have a friend who works in the weather and for the chalenge, we had ask for rain.

As I said: Rainy departure, departure happy! And we was drowned in happiness!

Cerbère to Malgrat de Mar

The next step of our journey towards Portugal ! We continued to drive to the Spanish frontier. After Cerbere, the mountain is a little bit tougher. Arrived in Port-Bou, we do the dishes and start again with fresh water. We decide to go to Decathlon at Figueres to complete our equipment. It takes a mouthpiece to inflate the mattress, towel that dries quickly, our SPD shoes on sale and a tent 3 places and freestanding (handy if you can not plant sardines, rocky terrain of the vineyards of Cerbere taught us this point). A 55 km steps in hand, we put our camp for the night in a village across the fields, in a place invaded by snails ! ^^

First Step : Perpignan to Cerbère

For our first day, we take the direction of Collioure, we were accompanied by our friends and family (who are motivated and available ! ^^). The departure of Perpignan started on a flying (with 4 hours of sleep in our legs). Start at 6am, despite the many false starts, we get to take off at 7:30. It must be said that to find the balance with the load, it was complicated ! 


Training #2 : On the other side of the Loire

This time, we had a guest of honor ! Jéjé, the daddy of kloklo, visited us in Touraine. Then he barely had time to test the comfort of our cave house that we've pushed the bicycles outside (thank you Mathieu, our neighbor who help us to find another bicycle  !). The time to think about the route, take a little tea, as our usual, we left very early, 11am... and it only took 5 minutes for the old man shows as cycling, it knows how doing it !

Training # 1: the Loire by bike

We had two days of rest in common (which happens rarely), we jumped at the opportunity to train pedaling. The Loire by bike aka Euro 6 is a long bike path belonging to a large network that spreads across Europe.

So this track passes through our village Montlouis-sur-Loire. Our secretary worked a lot lately and demanded his vacation for a long time. So we gave in to his demands and thus Dawa, our little dog (a purebred gremlins) came with us.

Notre page facebook de notre tour du monde à vélo

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