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Travelogue (132)

All together ! And vomit !

We drive all day by a long lunch break during the hottest hours. We take this opportunity to cook at that time, to save time in the evening and to bed earlier. But with the surrounding heat, a fire does not help matters. We will not begin again the experience ...

The Burma Campaign

We cross the city of Tamu and change our rupees a less advantageous rate from the border, but never mind! Accommodation is possible only in the covers guests and hotels. Wild camping and the homestay is totally forbidden, but we want to give it a shot, because the hotels are way too expensive for us. After water and fruit, we go on a small road out of town.

You will not pass! We go to Myanmar if we want !

In the morning, we wake up early enough to go. We do not easily say goodbye to this wonderful family. Loya goes even say goodbye. We receive a shawl with motifs from Manipur gift and after a few group photos here we are again on the road.

Our short stay in the trees

After explaining briefly the WHAPS organization (see art) I'll tell you a little bit our stay there. We went to the scene the first time with Abow and Ronan (Irish cycling, but Party of Vietnam where he spent 9 years to return to Ireland). After a tiring walk, because it goes quite strong, we arrive at the top of the hill. 

Great stay in Imphal !

After a shower, we will see one of the traditional dances of Manipur. This is the time when men and women can talk and socialize. There are mainly as love marriages here! No, seriously, we do not feel at all in India, it's really another country.

The border of India and Manipur

We come to the Manipur border. It is a region that has suffered a lot of confrontation and works almost like a different country. So we have to spend two police controls with one more stamp in our passports. We find a hotel at 300 rps (4 euros) with shared bathroom. The receptionist arranged our trip tomorrow by bus / jeep to reach Imphal to 500 rps / person more 500rps for cycling. It's ten hours for 200 km of mountain on a road that twists and is sure to empty our stomachs. I know you'll say that you cheat again. But they expected the rain, so the mountain road in very poor condition, with torrents of rain, with the crazy flying, frankly, it's not for us. The adventure to its limits especially when you are emptied, washed and on the ball! One of risk anyway to have a bad time on that bus as punishment ... I thought we had already suffered punishment ... I dream vacation. 

Now we are vegetarian, this is not the time to take us for hams !

We come to the town of Silchar and ask directly to the police station where a hotel with wifi. But we are not in Bangladesh. The police are friendly, but not very competent. They offer us water and give two or three shots son for information. Then he left, saying he has something to do but it comes back quickly. So we wait some time for that in the end he told me that "no, there is no hotel with wifi in this city." In short we will still won two liters of water ... We stop at the first hotel that you come across. The price is 620 rps (8,5euros). It's a bit expensive for our budget, but at the correct air service, there is room for the bike and Wifi: Police thank you! We explain clearly and calmly that we will not pay for the room if someone touches the bike. Everything goes well, except wobbly fan, which lacks really come off the ceiling.

Come on son, you want a small bike tour?

We reach the outskirts of Dhaka, the capital. Traffic jams literally prevent us from passing. We are forced to wait. Even on the low side dusty, buses trying to overtake and after a brief moment it becomes also blocked. We try to make zigzags and thus gain a few kilometers. The caps are endless and Bangladeshi find a way to sneak between cars to do their beautiful picture of us sweating profusely with our head unearthed! Jojo told one of them that it's not really a good time to have a discussion. The guy says he understands, but immediately asked where we come from and blah blah blah blah. In short, he does not listen to us ... They really play with your nerves, but you learn to be patient.

Oh yeah, this is more India !

The bike is parked in a box closed by a gate. We regularly see if anyone touches the bike and everything seems ok. The next day we rempaquetons business. The rear light is broken, we do not know since when, as with the fatigue of yesterday difficult to remember all the details. It must be someone willing to help us, who raised the wrong place. I can find a piece of metal to secure the luggage to the door in two seconds it is repaired. Mac Giver thank you!

Hosted by the Holi festival in India for your return !

So in the early morning 7 to 30 pm as the bell from Sylhet. We are accompanied by Arif and three other members of the cycling community Sylhet (Uddin, Taswar) outside the city. Pinyin follows us to the border, there are approximately 50 km away. Arif We leave with great difficulty, but we hope filled him again.

Sylhet and large cycling community!

Arif come get us to 10 km outside the city, with two other young cyclists in the city. We escorted to his house where he prepared a room for us nothing. It looks like a hotel room, but this time, very clean! It's true that by seeing bad things, we are made even more careful in the future. The glasses on the desk, are also bright. Usually there is always a bit of brown in the corners, either in hotels or in restaurants we visited.

Well, well no choice as the palace ... damn !

We have advanced from Calcutta. Much more than what we had expected. And we wish to change the date of our entry in Myanmar to bring a week. So we need a hotel with wifi. We find a 35 km, the day's not over but we are afraid of not being able to find another one later. The price is exorbitant! 7000 taka (100 euros). We come down to 4,000 taka (60 euros). It's luxurious but nothing extraordinary either. There is a bubble bath, but the cap is broken and the bubbles do not work ... Welcome to Bangladesh! Man chamber we exchange chamber. The tub can be filled this time around, but still no bubbles to my disappointment ...

Invited by the police in Bangladesh !

We continue and come to another ferry station. This one is much more important because we have to cross the Ganges ! We get hair cell before they close the doors. There are a dozen car and bus. People come down to see us and we create a crowd of about thirty people around the bike. Difficult to enjoy the journey and the fullness of the river. But after an hour of time, people begin to tire of watching us and are less numerous.

Hard to find a shaman in Bangladesh!

We stop in a village that looks a little bigger than the others on the map. We hope that there is a hotel. And this is the case. The price is 1,000 taka or 15 euros for a slum. I market 400 taka five euros. Good bedding changed and are clean. In the shower, there is a family of cockroaches the size of my thumb. I know them well those, we had the same in Martinique! They are the type to sneak around or fly in your hair with their paws full of spikes! The hotel manager came to my rescue and crushes one, then try to attack the small group at the top of our head, but only one hand is too much. Two or three escape and run at full speed on his shoulders, back down her body and eventually escape their tormentor by the feet.

From Jessore to the countryside with spring colors

The next day we hit the road and the crazy city traffic we do soon disappointed!


The Indian atmosphere is quickly found. We pop the front wheel and repair fast enough, but in a second, 40 people around us, and even if one of them takes care to distance the other bike, they always come back in no time. It is as if they are never sufficiently prepared you. They must be two cm from your face to feel good.

Visas to leave with peace of mind !

Arrived at the ashram, where we are very well received, we are given a room with bathroom, luxury! The place is really well maintained with a nice lawn and beautiful trees. We feel more peaceful. We take a shower and we rest. We capture the WiFi of the school next door and decided to go ask for the password. Two students we give it, which allows us to access the answers by email consulates to gather all necessary documents and make all our efforts (see articles on how to get the visa for Myanmar to Calcutta). We're in the Weekend, consulates therefore expect Monday to be visited, it only remains for us to enjoy the surrounding environment to meditate and put online a few items.

We leave India for now !

The day came we eat breakfast and try to reach the border in one day. The day may be hectic, because now we know what it means than riding in India! We ride a lot of kilometers before they get out of town. Traffic is airier and New Delhi, but it's still a big city. We get more and more in the countryside. The road is lined with beautiful trees that offer us a nice shade. The landscape is really different from Rajasthan. We left the sand and thorny bushes lush vegetation made of banana, coconut and giant tropical tree.

Bangladesh, here we come !

The next day we are all excited at the idea of ​​spending another country. Jojo hand make changes while I repair the front wheel is punctured. We're not sure if it will be really possible to make the Visa at the border. If it does not, we will spend the double entry of our Indian visa for nothing. In short we'll see. we must first go through the immigration office. They ask us where is my visa Bangladesh and I told him we will directly borders we called and they are ok for the we give (big lie but good to know a little bluff). The guy told me that if we called and they agree it is ok to let me go. A young wonder the authorization to circulate with this bike. I ask forgiveness that so far no one has asked us such a paper and that it is a bicycle, not a motorcycle so normally no paper is required. It's getting the head of the unhappy guy that needs this type of paper, and it seems impossible to him that we could travel as much without this paper.

Arrival in Calcutta, but not without difficulty !

We spend the day reading on the reading light, meditating and watching the landscapes of farms that gradually change into something more tropical. Mango trees are in bloom and look forward to eating fruit. The cool thing with Indian trains is that you can open your window. Be careful that your business does not go over and above to be careful (because of the speed and wind) not take you spit back your neighbor across the street! Between two cars there is even the door is open! The smell is not very pleasant. It's a mix between the piss, shit, grime and sweat, but we made it. I re-crosses another controller and asks if I can have a closer Jojo bed and it happens to find us a spot right next to it, great!

Small tour in the train during only 36 hours !

Back at the ashram, we leave for Jodhpur to remove under and take our tickets to Calcutta. And yes, India is right to us and we prefer to leave as soon as possible to join Bangladesh. There is more room in second class, we have to take the third is much more fulfilled, but also less expensive (10 euros per person for a bunk). Thirty hours of train ahead eventful.

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