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An army of tuk-tuk waiting for us on arrival! The prices are much more affordable this time around: 0,5cent euro / pers. There is one who speaks French and we did it for two 0,5cent and leads us to the cheapest hotel in town 3dollars / night for a double room in Tomato guesthouse. There is a sewer backup in the bathroom that leaves a sweet smell in the room. The curtains of another era are installed on a rope as a rod. But the fan works very well and the places are clean. In addition, the family that runs the hotel is very friendly.

The temples of Angkor, a true wonder

So here we are in the morning, ready to ride our bikes with 3 speeds and rusting. Unfortunately, the speeds are decorative rather than functional and we find ourselves once again on a bike "single speed". But nothing can stop us and the drop is almost zero, so why have more speed? We will first cross the city and join eight kilometers away, where you can buy entrance tickets.

Arriving in Siem Reap, what a story !

Once past the border, so we continue our adventures in our minivan. We are a bit tight to four on our bench, but time passes quickly enough. We arrive at night in Siem Reap, around 20h. Knowing that some of the guest-houses close early down, we should not hang ... The bus drops us off at 7 km from the city center. An army of tuk-tuk addresses us even before it is out of the mini-van. Ha, business is business! The price offered for 7km through these is $ 4 per person ... It's a bit too much for us, so we decide to walk. A young Israeli joins us is above its budget too. Almost all of the tuk-tuk leave and the last, in order not to leave home empty-handed catches us and negotiate ...

Border crossing Stung Treng (4000 Islands): Laos / Cambodia

After reading many blog posts on this border crossing, I knew it was going to be difficult. so I'll give you an update. We paid 26 dollars to an agency on the island of Don Det. The ticket includes the ferry back to the mainland, then the mini bus to the border, then another bus to Siem Reap (Ankor temple) in Cambodia.

The 4,000 islands Don Det and Don Khon

The "4000 Islands" is the area south of Laos called so because the Mekong River widens and many islands are in the middle of the Mekong. There are three main habitable islands. Don Kong is the largest, but where there is not much to do. Don Det and Don Khon are connected by a bridge. There are many accommodations, restaurants, activities on each island, but Don Det is reputed to be cheaper and more party girl while Don Khon (where there are waterfalls) is family. We took the cheapest and to have seen the two is almost the same thing in the off season. Having been close to bars and the village center to Don Det there was not much noise.

Pakse and trays of Boloven

We arrive with overwhelming heat in Pakse. The freshness of the mountains will be missed. We find a guesthouse at 30,000 kip (4 euros) by the Mekong River with a small group of kittens to welcome us! The next day we rented a scooter at a Belgian married a Laotian. It gives us a lot of information on what there is to see in the area. We go on three days exploring the plateau Boloven.

Rapid transition to Vang Vieng

The next day we walk 7 km to go to the bus station and take the bus to 14h Vang Vieng 100 000 kips (12 euros). Many guest-houses are the same price in the city center, so no need to go to the bus station. There's a cheaper, 85 000kips (9 euros) starting at 9:30. This is more than 6 hours of bus hand drifts in the mountain, but the mountain scenery is breathtaking ...

Slow boat / cruise Hui Sai to Luang Prabang

The next day we go to the piers along the Mekong River to take the "slow boat". It's quite expensive, 21 euros, but it's two days of boat to Luang Prabang. We eat a bit before taking off, because prices in the boat are more expensive. The cruise is very nice. American tourists planned their Styrofoam cooler to transport their alcoholic beverage and go up strong enough in decibels. It's quite disrespectful to the country to see them afford to do what they want like that. We have a little feeling of being in a can of sardines with tourists.

Visit Chiang Rai border crossing to Laos to Chiang Kong

Go for the local bus which costs only 80 baht and share at 12 Pai. Arriving at Chiang Mai, we take the last bus with greenligne at 17:30. We arrive full night bazaar around 21h and must quickly find a hotel before rain and above all do not close before. Asians tend to go to bed early, most close to 22h. Cheapest Wanted as usual (around 200 baht) and it falls on a guest house that has a look of squat ... I check the status of the room, but everything is correct and clean, even a small balcony with table and chair rather nice. 

Chiang Mai, Pai, mountains, rain, finally a bit of freshness and moisture!

Arrived in Chiang Mai, we seek a guesthouse. We then meet Maxime, a French Buddhist traveling over the long term with little money. He advises us a dormitory for 140 baht (3.5 Euro) / 2 people. We are left only with four beds for two. The manager is very nice. Then we not spend some time discussing philosophy with Maxime and we went with him to park the next day by renting scooters. The park is really nice, we visit a Buddhist temple for 30 baht / person. He is well known and full of tourists, but it's pretty nice. It must be said that the temples, there are plenty in the city and we are a little tired of seeing, because they are all a bit like ... 

End Bicycle touring ... For now! It left for the ruins of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai in the process !

We end up storing our early morning business. We take the trailer with us and withes Sharly in a small room where we wait for the next 2 or 3 months. Pong advises us to go through the ancient capital of Thailand, Ayutthaya, which is 50 km north of Bangkok. He returned around 12 pm from work to accompany us to the train and looks us from it. Our host is fussing with us. You should know that the trains in Thailand are not very fast and quite often late, but sometimes they can arrive a little early so beware. Bangkok-Ayutthaya is 11 bats (0.3 euro) in the third class.


The next day we go through Bangkok and arrive at our host Pong. It lives in a secure area, such as the American. We are very well received by his wife and 16 year old daughter. They prepared us two beds in the bedroom of her daughter who sleeps with his parents. Generally in Asia, the parents sleep with their children for years. We'll do some shopping for fruits and vegetables at the market. The prices are quite high. We prepare their evening meal.

Welcome to Thailand !

We make our first steps in Thai land! The roads are really very good and the mountain is easier to climb. Besides, we climb one pass, because after all we do is go down ... We will learn too late, to our regret, the area is full of hot springs. Our map showing not we just missed. The atmosphere is very different, we feel increasingly westernized field. Civilization is present, the mini shorts are out and it upsets us a little change of atmosphere. We try to renew the wild camping. Dogs bother us a lot.

Myanmar borders: it heats !

We drive towards Thailand. I eat for the first time of the season mangos !! This is not really given, yet there are trees everywhere. They prefer to eat greens with salt and pepper. So when the mangos ripen, there is much more to my great misfortune. We seek to fix what the trailer. Because the metal plate ended up breaking. Jojo is a welder who makes it for free.

When you leave the waves, it has seasick !

We leave by bus to the capital Rangoon. This picks us up early in the afternoon. This does not lack displease me, because we could still enjoy the waves and coconut trees for a few hours. Time to put all luggage and the bike on the bus and we ruisselons perspiration. But the air conditioning of the bus made us quickly forget this inconvenience. This time, our seats are at the bottom ...

In our vacation at the beach !

The next day we are so disgusted of the day we decide to go to the big city 8 km from the hotel to take a bus to go to the beach. We look at an agency that sells tickets, but the owner went to eat. A man in the street asks us if we needed help and called the owner who should be here within the hour. We quietly waiting in front of the shop.

After more than 13,000 km, it was necessary that we loose!

In the afternoon, we feel that the tire moves a lot and is suspected puncture. Unfortunately, this is far more serious. The rear tire was torn leaving the tube out. And of course we have no spare tire and are in the middle of nothing. The next town is only 6 km. We move forward as we can then when the tube starts out completely with the wheel that begins to touch the ground we decided to stop quickly. Jojo hand with a motorcycle guy to look for another tire. Finally if there is a bike shop in the next town ...

The temples of Bagan

Traffic is hectic enough to get to the temples. Most people are drunk and driving. Two motorcycles crashent just ahead because instead of watching the road they are watching. In short nothing serious, but there was still a baby in the arms of his mother, and it could have been a nightmare because they are spread on the road ... Some bikers dancing together on their motorcycle without taking their handlebar. It's great delusion!

The water festival that shook the earth!

The next day, we hesitate to hitchhike. I have not eaten for more almost 2 days and do not feel attack for days as crevantes. There are very few cars passing on the road and there is almost no house, just the dry forest and half cramée. We pack our things and try to see what we can do cycling for today. A large truck filled with oil barrel goes. The driver quickly saw us from afar. Two seconds later he backtracked and proposes to board.

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