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Tips by coutry

Tips by coutry (2)

How to Make a Camel Safari in Rajasthan in India !

In India you have the opportunity to take a ride not on camels (two humps) but with dromedaries (one hump)! you can spend several hours to several days show month. You should know that it happens during the winter, because summer is too hot for a ride in a desert. And believe me, in winter it is already hot, but just right. This trip is really unique and worth to be done!

About ... France !

We'll take good habits and will create a special article to discover every countries (on the theme of gastronomy, landscapes, crafts and the rest). We resume some information "be less stupid Jojo", spiced with some sensations, some addresses and your tips (come on, don't be selfish, share a little !).

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