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Back in France, what to say except thank you Switzerland!

Back in France, what to say except thank you Switzerland!
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So we woke up to "small" morning (I put quotation marks because I get up around 8am these days but kloklo keeps his alarm clock for 10 hours). Today the program, we start from Switzerland. We take the direction (always with our bike path) Basel ...

A small miscalculation leads us in the wrong direction, but fortunately it realizes after 10km ... anyway. No worries, I see in the distance a woman who goes by bike, I expect she comes to ask him confirmation. But she stops asking me (German-mime), if I can inflate his rear wheel. In two minutes it's ready to start again and not even have time to react, I end up with a piece of 5 Swiss francs in hand. She leaves dry immediately with a smile, though I was able to have the time to ask my direction ... definitely. After kloklo has convinced me that opening an inflation stand at the edge of the track was not really a good idea, so we leave in the right direction, Basel!


The road is rather easy, just not to miss a sign reserved for bikes, I have a co-pilot who is not blind as me. We arrive at Basel, city rather nice on the banks of the canal, if not luxurious sports cars that pass in the avenues. We decide to try us selling jewelry at some point you have to start it! Kloklo installs all on a bench, I write on small pieces of paper the German translation of the explanation of our project, we make jewelry and the price is free. Once the "stand" Actually, we start making dreamcatchers to the chain, just to deal with. In two hours, we answer about 50 times "halo" (hello), sell jewelery and reject two sales agreements (for not the next morning it will not be there). For a first try, a bit stressful, I must admit, it's still a win!


The day then comes to an end and we still need to leave quickly out of Basel to pass the Swiss / German border. Arriving at the border, desperately seeking a way to change our Swiss francs in euros, but no changes positions. After little discussion with a passer, we understand that every business in the street can give change in euros. Kloklo hand so make this little race, meanwhile, I stood patiently waiting on the opposite sidewalk, keeping Sharly. A lady came up to me, talk to me in German, I tell him that I only speak French and English and I told him, in both languages, I expect Chloe. After a good five minutes of total and mutual incomprehension, she hands me a 5 euro note and share all smiles, leaving me speechless and with the feeling of having missed an event ... so Chloe returns no Swiss franc and we go on direction of France who does not pray and happens 4km away. The dodo corner tonight, we will learn the next day by a ranger, is a protected ground, called : "la petite Camargue". The noises of the night that fed our imaginations take all their senses and then we head towards Mulhouse ...



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    The cycle way for bike are perfect !

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Back in France, what to say except thank you Switzerland!

33 Rue des Orphelins
Mulhouse, Alsace.
France ,68200
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