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A little change of scenery in the German side !

A little change of scenery in the German side !
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The Swiss countryside is rather nice and we quickly find the German side of Switzerland. In ten kilometers long, with no real border since you are in the same country, everything changes. The panels are not only German, gents no longer speak French ... then we understand that we need to get started! A stop to ask for water, fortunately the barmaid speak French, but I ask my request to learn German. I repeat four times out of the bar with my water-filled pocket and forget all within 5 minutes, he have to take notes!

The clock is ticking and the time to find a place to sleep fast approaching ... the eye is opened, but no way to find our ideal place. I must say that without departing slightly from the bike path, we are left as gardens ... Arrived at the edge of town, a path draws our attention, I footprint scout to go ask the big house at the end if we can put the tent in the field next door. Through the window, a group of young adults tell me that it's possible. I leave so look kloklo waiting for me with the bike. We pass the small bridge made with a successful pallet and unload Sharly. Kloklo see our hosts and immediately notice the scarves around the neck ... We are in scouts! Great! I splint for cooking potatoes, but our stove stops, empty bottle of essence ... We then ask if we can finish cooking in their kitchen, and our band of scouts monitors invites us to enter to provide us with food shower and company! Of the five, two and three speak French speak English (and German of course), we will be able to communicate! We understand that this evening, the monitors are alone because they let groups of children sleeping under the stars, and children are expected to return tomorrow at noon. We take this opportunity to take our book and ask for help in the translation of key phrases, such as:

Can I have some water? / Könnte ich etwas Wasser haben ?
Can we camp at home in your garden? / Düren wir bei ihnen zelten, in ihrem grarten ?
Right / rechts, left / links.
Where is … ? / Wo ist … ?


In short, everything that passes through our heads and can be helpful. Ultimately we should leave the country within two days, but the German still serve us during our stay in Germany and Austria. We also take our lovely company to remake our culture. We did not know that there are four languages ​​spoken in Switzerland: German, French, Italian and Romanian ...!

After finishing our meal (it's about 10:30 p.m.), one of the monitors together two friends to go on a research expedition, as they have been warned that two children (among the most turbulent) disappeared. We intend to help, but very quietly, they tell us that it's not worth it, they only leave three to find them, no need everyone to start their research. We shall soon go to bed. The next morning, we are invited for breakfast. We ask the new kids, they were found after two hours, they wanted to meet with another group after dark and were lost overnight. The children were all between 11 and 13 years. I think that it's great to empower children and trust them to the point of leaving the camp or find refuge with farmers, whose mission is to do a good deed.


After breakfast and group photo, we say goodbye and collect our belongings. Today we plan to arrive a little before Basel, but remembering the descent in the forest, we say that the relief is around the corner! The cycle path continues winding through fields, villages and forests. Wooden bridges, a very medieval style are impressive and beautiful. It is only upon his arrival in Olten, as we begin a climb of several kilometers. We stop again this time, the third party to continue on foot. Countless porches, BMW, Audi and other racing car which we are unfamiliar that we spend in front, making the engine roar (damage to the emission of CO2! ^^).

Finally we reach the village of Hauenstein. Once done the climb, we pass Alti Schmitte is an old blacksmith shop. The boss calls us jokes about the fact that kloklo lags behind when I push the bike and invites us to a drink on the house. Great! Decidedly, hospitality and good humor Switzerland! We Goutons our first (and last) Switzerland Hans beer company, next to a fiat 1951 completely renovated. A small photo for posterity and we leave to find a corner where our tent tonight. Here, a river along our bike path, we are on Sunday night ... hopefully there is a lot of time here in the morning, so we will camp for the last night in Switzerland, on the edges of the field. It's time for a cold shower!


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A little change of scenery in the German side !

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