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At our Swiiiiiiiss frieeeeeends !

At our Swiiiiiiiss frieeeeeends !
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Arrived in Pontarlier, we take the bike path to Montbenoit. This is a false flat resting us anyway thighs after what we spent. It goes back a good slope to the village of La Chaux and we finally arrived at Laurent-Alain. We spend the day on Thursday with him and his wife, where we retaillons the stand, regraissons the chain and ... we buy a trailer!

After discussing it at length with Globicyclette this nagging us. We were very busy and not take a lot to eat and drink (we drive with a stock for three meals). If we want to go through good parts in autarky, where the supply is scarce, it is necessary that we can arrange some more. We decide interviewing Laurent-Alain, take that of Radical Design with two small 16-inch wheels. It is 5.5 kg (including bag) and allow us to take more easily, train or plane (if we have no choice), because we can use it as a carriage ( the two wheels can be located in two places). In addition, the trailer hooks and easily wins so if any of the maneuvers is quickly made. Then the bike rear wheel carries less and less sinks into the ground, so you go faster (this is what we noticed recently in the unpaved roads). We have less wind resistance, since it does not exceed the head of the one who is behind. And finally, it is therefore low weight it carries is easier to pull. In short, it's still a substantial investment and we are left a little longer (it looks like a little ladybug that sticks to the hindquarters). But Sharly needed a girlfriend to help carry (nice girlfriend!).

It remains for us to find a pet name we rely on your imagination! ! 

We leave for Switzerland! Yes, spend as loan without going to see the would have been a shame. So we change our route to go to meet our Swiss neighbors!

We then descend the Jura to Lake Neuchâtel via the route of absinthe. It is a road with a bike path from Switzerland that should not be missed! We go down there in the gorge of Areuse through a forest trail that runs alongside the river at times. It is simply breathtaking! We are seeking a spot to sleep, but in the gorge, it is not obvious. In addition, according to what we said, we have a freaking fine, because camping is prohibited in Switzerland. We finally get out of the forest, but we're in the ornaments on the outskirts of a village. We are much more visible ... what now? Night falls ...

Then we take the first left. That brings us to some houses that end up on a big field! The view of the lake is beautiful, we even see the snow-capped Alps at the bottom! We decided to ask permission to sleep next to the last house on the road. It's a couple of old Swiss who speak French and we make available toilet and sink. This is great! We will be able to wash with hot water! We went through a chocolate factory, Jacot (known in Switzerland) in a small village above to buy our Easter chocolates. Yes, it's been almost a week since I waiting for this moment! At first we thought just buy chocolates after Easter and be an Easter for the poor, because it is - 50%. But can we go in Switzerland, well we did a easter egg with Swiss if this is not the class! By cons, considering the price (it is far from -50%) providing a mini choco bunny and egg each box chocolates. So we each rabbit hides other before night falls, it increases the challenge! ^^ I am delighted, this is a good thing done!

The next day our neighbors offer us coffee before leaving. In reality, it offers a full breakfast with croissants and freshly baked buns bought for us! We remain dumbfounded by so much kindness. Freddy shows her chickens and the park he has made for his proteges. They give us a flag with the old emblem of Neuchâtel. A bomb to lubricate the chain, a picnic basket with fresh eggs and 50 Swiss francs. We thank them as we can with a dream catcher that we created. But we remain nailed by their generosity ...


We have to leave, but the weather is capricious today we fear the rain as it falls a few drops jerks, but take the gamble that the time will subside. We resume our journey up the valley lakes. With our map given by the sports committee yesterday, we can find the bike path that circles the lake. The directions are well signposted for bicycles. You have a real ground lighting and it turns out that it is very easy for a bike to navigate and ride from town to town across the roads devoid of cars. (end of Switzerland French side!) ...



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At our Swiiiiiiiss frieeeeeends !

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Neuchâtel, Neuchâtel.
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