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Lyon to Pontarlier... or the hellish climb !

Lyon to Pontarlier... or the hellish climb !
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From Lyon finally we leave the city while the boys will be missed, we are delighted to see a bit of nature. However difficult to leave like that ... Lyon always extends a little more ... It runs along the Rhone on bike paths rather pleasant. And what do we find on the banks of the canal ?

Of wild garlic !! Awesome! Now we can enhance our dishes. For those who do not yet know, wild garlic is a green plant with pretty white flowers and a super good garlic taste. Following is the bike path, always pleasant, even if this time we are blocked at the last stop, we will highlight the originality anyway, this time it will not be a barrier that will force us to turn around, but a stairs! We continue our road in the countryside surrounding Lyon and that is it is at the edge of the road? A pack of cigarettes half empty! When I tell you that just have to bend down. For the little info we stopped smoking (after them of course, it would have been a waste!).
We follow the Ain by chance, the river is beautiful. But unfortunately for us at the moment to find a camp to sleep, the edges becoming steeper. You end up down in a field and you come across a magnificent view of Ain with the sunset in the trees ... We love this kind of camp! As against the air is fresh and after a lyophilized soup (without wild asparagus this time around :() one soon too to go to bed. But before kloklo launches into making a "Aioli" to wild garlic (chopped into small piece on the plant is mixed with a little olive oil).

The next morning we emerge quietly while the bottom morning frost, he invaded surface saddlebags. We decide to go Laurent-Alain Atoocycles (for memo, it is the person who helped us a lot to have tandem). Laurent-Alain lived to Pontarlier. Not having a map of the reliefs, we then decide to play the strategy of "straight" and the day goes very quickly. Small detail: we rush headlong into the Jura. Small lunch overlooking the lake and the island of Chambod where we eat our bread on wild garlic. We Footprint most of the day a very nice road, if not it is shared bicycle and motorcycle. We sleep near a river, Bienne (useful for dishes, even if one loses his fingers from the cold) and endure somehow our shower microfiber cloth to 5 ° C.

Today we begin the true relief, but we still did not know how! Past the town of St. Claude (city of the pipe and precious stones), a coast almost 20 km ahead and it is not flat wrong! Spent the first third, we begin to grow ... Once in half, the focus during a lunch break on the road. Two villages await us, but we always go up ... it reminds us of Spain. This rise and our snail's pace allow us to enjoy the beautiful landscape that is emerging and magnificent flights of birds of prey. When we get close to the forest littering the top (win!), What do we see?

Snow! Our good old snow in April ... talking to the natives, we learn that we're lucky, a week earlier, they were treated to a fallen remarkably snow, it does well. We spend a lake, the village "chauvinists" there buy some Morbier and Tome goat to fruit and y are signing the petition against the closure of the village school (quite common in a region) and continue our road to stop us sleeping near a wood in a small hamlet. It's crazy to realize that 90% of buildings constituting these hamlets are second homes. Empty places outside the two-month winter skiing. No wonder that life has struggled to return to the villages and infrastructure close, gradually, to the damn few people who live there year round ...


We stop in a field beside a creek. We are starting to make a habit of bivouacs provided with drinking water! The site is just over 1000 meters altitude and the sunset is beautiful. Even our toilet area on the edge of the forest is magical! Yes I swear!
We taste a red wine from the region by ... Well it against, it is not really magical ... apparently they are more gifted for white wine.
We spend the night around -4 ° C.

The next day, a resident of the area just say hello. This is Jean Claude, who is professor of ski and is responsible for the maintenance of some of these side houses when the season is over. We talk a lot and he shares his lunch. Thank you again, Jean-Claude, if you read us, for all your support!

We leave quietly towards Pontarlier via the St Point Lake.

The road is nice, although it's a little roller coaster, it goes up, it goes down ... but nothing can stand in our way because we expect a hot shower !


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  • Coming date: Sunday, 29 March 2015
  • The Best: The snow for the fist time of the year !
  • You can't miss this:

    Cheese, Morbier, Tome de Chèvre.

  • The small bad luck: The climb just after St Claude.

Lyon to Pontarlier... or the hellish climb !

56 Rue de la République
Pontarlier, Franche-Comté.
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