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The March showers!

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Starting from Montpellier, Alexis (a friend Montpellier) guided us with his road bike, to the exit of the big city. Thanks to him, we came out unscathed. We embarked on a stage 100 km to Vers-Pont du Gard, where friends waiting for us...

Jojo started having knee pain and we arrives at nightfall. Jérôme (my father) had left us à day before us, but by truck (no comment ... ^^).

Small day off on Friday to relieve Jojo's knee and enjoy the solar eclipse under the clouds. It also starts the production of dream catcher with recoveries of materials. Saturday is left in the direction of Ales see Liliane, Jojo's great aunt ! Small crop of asparagus and wild leeks on the way ! We can't imagine all that nature can give us ! You just have to bend down and pick up !

Liliane welcomes us with open arms. The next day it stays warm and I brace myself to making macrame jewelry. It's been a week we go ! Time flies...

On Monday, it's objective is to eat at the edge of the Sautadet Caves. The place is packed with people in the summer and in the month of March, there was still some groups of people. The village just next door (La Roche sur Sèze) is classified in the most beautiful villages in France. Unfortunately pavers are quite slippery and our stomachs growl, so we cut visit to eat at the edge of water.The site is truly remarkable: the white stone form natural turquoise water slides and waterfalls end on a body of water for swimming.

Too bad we are in March!

Having swallowed hard carrots and eggs, it will start again on small road that does not lack charm ! Installing the bivouac after Salazac and we enjoy our first real sunset by eating freeze-dried mushroom soup decorated with wild asparagus, delicious !

Our initial aim was to take the road along the gorges of Ardeche. But an ATV group says that it is better to do the other way, since you could climb for 40 km without seeing the landscape.
Anyway we made quite a detour to the right and left to say goodbye to our friends and family and we have to go up a little in the north.
We take a bit to move forward on the national road in direction to Lyon. I did not need to tell you that this is really not the part we prefer. We get to take small sections of cycle track along the edge of the Rhone, but often they make us do a lot of detours. Around 5pm, bad news ! We feel a few drops fall. Quickly must find shelter ! One asks an old man along the road he has to pay a shelter for the night. It leads into a large empty warehouse. It installs the tent, the luxury! Raoul returned to us and invite us to eat with his wife, Christiane. Both are very involved in their Protestant association. 80 years old, Raoul still actively working plumber. We were treated to a beautiful prayer Raoul before starting to eat the wonderful soup Christianne. The next day no luck it rains, it announces the best time for Thursday. We decide to wait a day. It is late, but after all, we are in very good company. Jojo helps Raoul a bit with computers and try to work on the site.

On the road, the aim being to catch up on some our delay, so a lot of the N2 national road on our program !

When leaving the Drome, a cat is crushed at the front of us. Then on the side of the road, dragging his hindquarters. We made great signs to the car that was about to start letting the cat in this state. People have a facility to ignore their responsibilities... they ask at some houses opposite if the cat belongs to no one, while I hold in tou panting arm. The couple responsible wonders what to do and felt that it was the fault of the cat, and maybe he'll end up going home alone. Yes yes with half of his body crushed like a potato has the cat can go home ! Jojo gets angry and says clearly that there is no need to procrastinate, they must take him to the vet and immediately. Jojo gives the cat (which makes pee upon him) to the disgusted woman and they leave towards the veto. Emotion times... in addition, Jojo smell cat piss and shit, that's great ! A few meters away we find again two dead cat on the low side.

We decide to call this national road: "N7 cat killer".

On finit par arriver chez Amanda et Olivier vers 20h avec 140km dans les pattes. leur accueil est formidable et la douche est fortement appréciée par Jojo !

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  • The Best: Well nice to see our family gatherings !
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  • The small bad luck: National road 7

The March showers!

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