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1000 km and always fresh !

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Finally we pass the Portuguese border after our last day at the water's edge. We camped cheerfully near the road to start quickly the next day. So, about ten minutes after we woke up, we finally celebrate our 1000km ! The bifurcation to Idanha-a-Nova is finally within reach, but we have four days in advance before the festival and we would like to take a real shower after all those miles. We decide to make a detour to Castelo Branco, which is the biggest city in the area to refuel and we find a new stove, ours is no longer working and we keep a half-kilo of flour (main ingredient in pancakes) since several miles for nothing.

Once we got there, the vibration of the festival is felt increasingly strong. We meet a group of Boomers (since it's the Boom Festival) sitting in the park. We spend the afternoon with them. They come from all backgrounds, of all ages, bike, walk ... It's really exciting to be able to meet all these people ! It changes a lot from our usually days as a couple, alone in nature. Night falls and we decided to follow two young Germans, Alexander and Constantine (who traveled 900 km barefoot), who have invited us to share the spot of their encampment (stashed a corner in the city, the best of the best).

Thus we need, to my great regret, leave out Spanish to perfect our English, to the delight of Jojo. We did not have time to properly learn Portuguese for lack of immersion with the locals, but it must be said that it suits us because we began to do strange mixtures in our brains. I give you an example to be clearer: "Bondia! Je veux the misma cosa than you, danke."

The next day we pack our luggage and leave our young German friends to enjoy camping-Castelo Branco. This is our first campsite for the modest sum of six euros! It is empty and quiet, bathrooms are spotless and there is even a laundry area. In short it is like Walt Disney for us ! We find Theo, another Boom-biker coming from Romania and has made 4000 km by bicycle !


The next day, we are ready to go to Idanha-a-Nova, as pre-parks are located around the festival to welcome the first arrivals. We meet a young German couple (to change, I must say they are still super nice!), Ready to go as we are. Freddy and Birte traveling by bicycle since November throughout Spain and Portugal where they made some stops in communities. The journey is going really well, it's nice to have the same pace and we get to communicate well. Ok, ok, I stop lying ... I mess around with English. But verbal communication it is only 20% of communication and Freddy and Birte are very patient with me (they repeat several times and slowly). Freddy even have some basic French. And then a smile does not need translation! We then see Alexander and Constantine that pass us on the back of a van (they preferred to rest their feet before tiring on the dance floor).

After some deserved break when Peter finally caught up with us, we eventually arrive at Indanha-a-Nova, where we find Theo (who had gone a little before us) and some other boom-bikers that we had met at the park of Catello Branco. Our procession of bikes rolling down the slope of output Indanha-a-Nova (we pray to never take it in the other way) and headed a pre-parks. Portuguese police regulate the flow of people and take photos. We set up our little boom biker camp. Other bikes are quick to reach us: the French ! It's been a long time. Not that it became unpatriotic, but at that moment, we prefer the company of foreigners because it forces us to speak English and the scenery is more marked. But they are very nice and are also accompanied by Swiss-Germans, so that everyone understand we decide to adopt English for everyone. Jojo even speak to me in English when we're both after a few failures I began to take me to the game (Jojo. Me "it's really beautiful!" "Huh ?" Jojo "IT'S REALLY BEAUTIFUL "me:" eh ... "Jojo:" forget it"me" go again I did not understand"Jojo" No but really, I try to speak English with you "me:" haaaa that's it, it was in English ! ").

A night's sleep and it'll probably be better tomorrow!


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  • Coming date: Sunday, 03 August 2014
  • The Best: Encounters !
  • You can't miss this:

    There are a few buildings and parks in Castelo Branco to see and camping is inexpensive.

  • The small bad luck: Nothing to declare.

1000 km and always fresh !

11 Praça Rainha Dona Leonor
Castelo Branco, Castelo Branco.
Portugal ,6000

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