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Alcantara, just before the Portuguese border

Alcantara, just before the Portuguese border
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Remember, the last time we put our tired calves in a hot tub of sulfurized water... towards Portugal.

After have painted a pretty brown water in our respective baths (fools had no pre-bath shower), we continue our journey to Alcantara. We cross the magnificent Roman bridge at sunset and we are accelerating the pace as the night falls. We provide our latest efforts and we are rewarded with a campsite on the shores of Lake Alcantara. We finally arrive in front of it, and it exposes us his sign: "closed", small reward... Never mind, we decided to move ahead and to camp a few metters later with just cows, under the watchful eye of the alpha bull. The lake water is still banned from swimming, but people have told us about a bathing spot not too far from the camping. The next day we decided to see the area.

Indeed, they have made a big natural swimming pool in a career and they have imported sand for the beach. The result is magnificent. Eagles have nested in the cliffs that overlook the water and they fly above our heads (I must admit that it gives an impression of the "Pyu du Fou"). The water is clear and refreshing. The only drawback is the crowd, ok we can't expect miracles on a Sunday to the only spot of swimming 150km around but the place manages us to forget this point. We have a little ahead of schedule so we decided to stay a few days in this paradise. Jojo go on commando mission for food and water, while I sleep late and wash the laundry. After three days we take the road, a little pushed by civil guarda that allows us to sleep on the site one last time. For camping, this was the first time we're dealing with the police. But we must say that we had not really made ​​an effort to hide the tent and the closure of the campsite was a mitigating circumstance that pleaded in our favor ...

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  • Coming date: Wednesday, 30 July 2014
  • The Best: Water !!!!!
  • You can't miss this:

    Alcantara's bridge and his palace, anyway it's on the road, you can't miss it !

  • The small bad luck: The closed camping

Alcantara, just before the Portuguese border

4 Barriada San Pedro de Alcántara
Alcántara, Estrémadure.
Espagne ,10980
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