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You should know that Plasencia is in a valley, in the heart of the three valleys of Extremadura, the region of Spain where we are (I say this for the bad students, those who stay at the bottom of the class). This may be redundant information... but when a city are in a valley, for me as it means climb, climb, I'll dream the night about climb if I had not been a recurring dream of kebab...

A break at Supermercado at the entrance to the city (we start to be empty of food), without consultation before, Kloklo come back with some bags like Christmas Eve ... my first thought was, "Ouhou !!" but then came this other thought, darker ... "thin, how are we going to carry all this ..." Still there were three sausages in the lot for the price of one ! And bread, real bread with real nuts and everything ! Not the polystyrene they sell everywhere ! Even in bakeries there is no other choice than this insipid wand (one wonders why there are bakeries).


The city is really nice. After a huge meal in the park with a lot of children's games (Kloklo hurries to take advantage of such an amusement park, there are even swings), then time to get up from the bench (not easy to get up with 6 pounds ingested). What was our surprise when we arrived in the other park, filled with peacock, white, brown, colorful, blue, pink ... There were even ducks, to tell you the ambient exotic. We are getting so some feathers for the sole purpose of helping the cleaning of the park, peacock feathers, pretty... 

The rest of the city takes us between parks, ruins, small fountains or toads who offer us drinks. Places with rustic walls, alleys with a chiaroscuro striking, a true cultural richness.

So much so that at the edge of town at the time to get out of this valley, we realized that we forgot to ask for water ... so here we go again this time for 4km climb 8%, in full sun, with 400mL of water and 40mL chocolate milk (at that point, it counts ...). Luckily we found at nightfall old room / property receipt for private party with bull, the place is now just as welcoming and generous but closed and inactive ... the Spanish crisis having passed by here. A little further on, we meet our first campsite and we stop out of curiosity to inquire about rates... 16 euros for a small plot (what our tent) with an electrical outlet. Let's say we pass our way and our money will go in our favorite fuel: the food!

We camp later, amid the cork oak, bright red trunk until we resume our journey to the Natural Reserve of Monfragüe ...

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  • The small bad luck: Stomach too full ... and Sharly too !


8 Avenida Francisco Rodríguez
Plasencia, Estrémadure.
Espagne ,10600
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