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So... water is good?

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That's it, it's came time for the descent ! This brings us to a beautiful river with ​​waterfalls, natural pools and lined with tourists !

But the place is really nice. It is a bit late and we do not know where we could install our tent between the steep slopes of the mountain and tourists who stay around the river. Never mind, we find a small garden terrace above all these people. We want to go quietly and quickly when people are back turned, but a old man look us (like "I stand here to look at you because I like annoy people who are pressed by nightfall" ). But we pretended to be interested in the river so he let go and go back to the village. The timing became perfect, we climb to the garden but it was not counting on the dog that guards the land. It stalks us (say it barks super strong while turning around, which generally proves effective enough to identify someone). In response, we do the technique of ostrich and stay incognito because he barks also to the other person (that makes him look like a fool, suddenly we find it rather cute). Anyway the owner comes a moment later and I decide to ask for approval for peace of mind ! After his blessing as we sit here. Time to visit his barn and kennel, a tourist comes squarely on our camp. Just 10 meters away, one wonders a little freaked does what he do ?

Mister just come to show us the full moon, to dress herself for go swim.

He looks at us without saying hello and goes (it could also go in the tent, he would have been quiet).

At night, Jojo, who wanted to make his midnight swim, review again the matter with the -50 ° around the river. We decide to go to the village to get a night tour. Must say that this is not a bad idea, it is cooler and there are fewer tourists. There are a lot of architectural originality. We meet a band of young people with which share a glass and a few words are exchanged. They go to a party in another town and we go back to our tent slowly and surely (or not because Jojo takes us through a rough shortcuts without light).

The next day, we wake up at 10 am, ideas a bit confused and wake up by heat (yes our friend the sun had not gone on vacation) we decided to go to cool off into the river whose water is the same temperature as the freezer. But we get to plunge our entire body including the head (well, just a second, don't abuse of the good things). 

The cool head, clear ideas and the loop is looped we go to Jaraíz of Vera . But as we like trouble, we pass through a small village, Passaron, which has a palace and a beautiful church (from the tourist office). So as usual, we climb a few km. And a great view of the plain that we had left two days before. There is the village tucked in the bottom of the mountain. Time to park Sharly and we go to visit ! The palace is um ... how to say ... may be old ... but also very ugly !

The church is nice but nothing more. A sir, approached us and give us ​​a quick run down of history about the church and its village. Then he shows us the entrance to a museum. As with almost everything was closed Sunday, the mood was a little dead ... So we thought it pretty cool to have some shadow, so why not. It is within the museum where large canvas are exposed and begins to tell the story of the paintings and place. We say "cool ! free and rather friendly visit !" He wants us to take a picture with him. Well, why not ? And we start out with an understanding that half of explanations rather limited in this small museum (3pièces). A woman stopped us and asked us 5 euros per person. Excuse me ? Hey well no it was not free ! It was a reel shame for a museum of a very few photogenic man. Disgusted of that meeting, it is a small corner sleep next to a duck pond or rather tadpoles (with parents singers) !

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  • Coming date: Thursday, 24 July 2014
  • The Best: Stunts.
  • You can't miss this:

    The village and the River of Garganta de Olla. 

  • The small bad luck: Free but paying museum.

So... water is good?

56 Avenida Constitución
Jaraíz de la Vera, Estrémadure.
Espagne ,10400

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