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From a river to a mountain... we need to climb ?

From a river to a mountain... we need to climb ?
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We really enjoyed the river this time. Finally, yet I mean. I told you that we made pancakes ? It's actually the moment you arrive to combine the three ingredients. But that was before ...

A photo in the rain, a sentence end with unbearable suspense, well, you'll be disappointed ! You thought we have a hard life (as usual) Nope ! The river was really good ! The fine sand, sunbathing with books, harmonica (but not really experienced harmonica players), land art ... and no rotten fish ! ^^

But I would not lie to you, it's not my style ... We struggled. You should know one thing, when you go into your itinerary a river to visit a hometown in the mountains, so expect to climb ... and climb .. and climb. And think that after the river, your beautiful thighs sports, that you softened in three minutes flat.

The original idea was to join Plasencia quickly and thus avoid the road up ... except that the practice has required that we want to see the country, one that is beautiful and that you put in full view, even if we suffer a little. With the train we got a little ahead, so take the opportunity to see the most beautiful, even if it means a detour ! I'm right ? (Must say first that when Kloklo submitted this idea, I first bitched... but not for long).

Thirty feet away, we start... 9km, not downhill, these mounted with turns at the end, but without down, suspense worthy of a Stephen King novel (there's no suspense in Stephen King). Anyway, you see immediately that this rise there... will catch your skin. Spanish motorists are friendly, they honk once for bitching and two to encourage you. We finally arrived at the entrance of the city, not very beautiful ... (Jaraiz de la Vera) But there is a water source, a true, no chlorine smell, we fill full and starts up for a loop in the mountains to the monastery of Cuacos. The lady at the tourist office told us :

"Here you need to climb up a little, here a lot, and here not so much..."

Cool ! We even have a guide of water points where we can swim ! But... but... there's not so warm now right ? Too bad, now the sky is gray, a first since leaving Barcelona.

So we go now to the lost monastery, in a fresh time. It's not so bad, is that it climbs. Three kilometer climb, that we can do it on the Sharly... Lunch break and Paf ! The rain ! Kloklo made us a remake of the Little Blue Riding Hood (looking not on Google, it does not exist). And 20 minutes later, it starts again. We pass a small German cemetery quite nice and we finally arrive at the monastery, the end of our daily pilgrimage. Beautiful building. You can even see some giants eucalypstus. We learn that Carlos lived there until his death (Kloklo said I'm wrong, but I think not). There is a certain taste in the indoor exhibition, a room with an empty coffin and another with bones in statues of virgins with throat cutted. The cloister are gorgeous ! You get caught in pictures by the guards (who loves it and decides to leave his job to embark as fashion photographer). Then we leave towards the downhill... one that will lead us to Garganta, with a name like that I am expected to see giants and beans...

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  • Coming date: Thursday, 23 October 2014
  • The Best: Kloklo's head in the rain, it's funny.
  • You can't miss this:

    The monastery of Yuste, small villages in the valley of Vera, the mountain (it's still nice). 

  • The small bad luck: 3km + 9km + 5km + 7km to climb... in the rain ...

From a river to a mountain... we need to climb ?

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