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Nothing stop us, we made SPLASH !

Nothing stop us, we made SPLASH !
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It's amazing what can come between you and your goal. For our part, arrived at Bohonal we had in mind that we should stay for days in water. And that was the case, at the foot of the Roman ruins and a pleasure to listen to after ages "Este prohibido" as soon as we pointed with the finger every little puddle !

So we took position on the edge of the lake in our castle-tent for two days. Time required to hydrate and enjoy sedentary moments. No luck, we chose the shore where the current brings the fish that took a hot shot. For a lake that has been renowned since Madrid as "drinkable, if you drink it, it will make you invincible," I must say that it puts doubt ... According to Sharly's estimates it's an event that has took place two days earlier between 2pm and 4pm, impacting 35.4 fish (seagulls making the collection of data more difficult ...). In short, it is clear for Sharly, basically there's the smell of fish back and it's like the cry of "Port-Vendre" on Sunday morning, it reminds us memories... you too ?

But we, we're warriors, a little meditation and our sense of smell is inhibited for the 10 minutes per days where the smell was in the wind. After camping next to a pigsty, it's easy, you can do it ... Otherwise really nice place, the horses drink live in water just in front of you and the eagles fly, circling around you and to let the tonight the stars do the same...

We go buy some gas (become addicted to pancakes), it burns more than butane and diesel... Kloklo took the opportunity to drive Sharly... A real pro. Jojo did not even have time to mock it a little, that Kloklo goes between mustangs in the gas station !

Sharly is like driving a truck ... there's a sexy side.

The next day, so we decide to leave our water source towards Talayuela. Dailleurs, before leaving, will take a look on our indicator of the water level of our lake. The day before, we had drawn a cross into the water with pebbles (it's pretty, but not that ..) to see the drop in water level. Conclusion ... the lake had lost about 1m 24, which, in view of the surface of the lake, announce further rain, it's Kloklo who said it.

Arrived at Talayuela, we paid our first paella ! Incredible after two weeks through Spain ! We also used a bar with wifi, the only known and recognized throughout the region for its astounding volume decibel essentially for political discussions. "El refugio" very nice, the boss also. Following our route beyond a river, beyond the tobacco fields...

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  • Coming date: Sunday, 20 July 2014
  • The Best: swimming time
  • You can't miss this:

    El refugio, romans ruins, the lac around Bohonal.

  • The small bad luck: dead fish.

Nothing stop us, we made SPLASH !

22 Calle Manuel Mas
Talayuela, Estrémadure.
Espagne ,10310
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