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Arrived to the water, cooked to perfection !

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We start to soak up of the atmosphere and pace of the inhabitants of this region of Spain...

A bit like in the desert, the nights are cold and days very hot.

We get up with the sun.

We try to ride everything we can, but at 10am it's hot, until 11am rhythm is slow, we fight but it is still possible. After our day of laziness, we hit the road. We pass the castle of Montalban, but we continue as it is too early for sightseeing before it's too late to ride. We're going to the next village, we search a place with wifi where we took the opportunity to continue writing our articles. It's hard to focus next to a group of young Spanish about 75 years. They play "rigged" is a card game (with cucumbers drawn on it) and bottle caps. They are as concentrated as poker players and decibels rise very quickly when there are challenges.

We leave early evening to find a quiet corner, which is located in a field of iron and stony ground. The groves all around us are full of cobwebs for the happiness of Jojo asks me to put the tent away. We begin to put the tent when I came face to face with a manta-pretty religious that had crept into our bag. The poor had to spend all day in it and was not brave. I then gave him a little water in a jam, she drinks greedily. 

We leave early the next day, trying to do a little more to get to a lake (on what we hear about since 200km), where it is possible to swim ! We meet several rivers that drained or inaccessible that taunting us. We stopped next to a fountain on the city's Town Hall Square. I do the laundry, while Jojo preparing the picnic and gives me room (must say that we are super organized). We wash our hair, make a facial scrub, a foot bath, the spa is now open in town... And finally Jojo does the dishes while I go shopping.

Water is magic !

We try to repair the mattress but by pouring water on it we find nothing. That's okay, we decided to have some fun by making pancakes. Yes, yes, it is possible on a stove ! In the middle of the square, people watching us smiling !

Then during our preparation, the church bells start ringing gloomily. We see a hearse. 20 min later, the bells ring again but this time more joyful. It's a wedding ! Well we need quick to swallow our pancakes before ending up in the middle of the ceremony ! Anyway, this is the time to find a dodo corner. The next day the sun is beating too fast and we ride under full sun trying to catch the closest to find a bit of freshness in a town. Time to go, we finally arrived but failed to find a bar with wifi. Too bad, it's Sunday and it's closed ! In short, we seek shade at all costs. We stay in a park where we pass our day... taking a nap. We ride again around 8pm.

We're close to our lake. Given the size, this one can not be evaporated! At least I hope...

All right, we arrived near our lake, where we've a quick swim, we visit the Roman ruins and check some prospects for our camp at night, before retracing our steps to buy some food. The city looks great, but the supermarket is very small and very expensive. We falls in the day of market where the seller offers us some fruits ! We bought others, because we need a lot of strength ! Wait a minute, it's 12:30! The air is hot, very hot. Nobody walks through the streets. The doors and shutters are all closed. It was like being in a ghost town. Only the bars are full and teeming. Must say that with the air conditioning and anti-UV glass is very cool here. We took the opportunity to go down in the only bar in town that has wifi to write these few words. Tonight we start swimming... we think about you !


Last modified onSunday, 15 February 2015 15:54
  • Coming date: Monday, 14 July 2014
  • The Best: Our friend the praying mantis.
  • You can't miss this:

    Castles littering the roads, dogs with three legs that go almost as fast as us, the dried or inaccessible rivers (great moments of despair), Roman ruins ...

  • The small bad luck: The rise (45 ° below 45 ° C) on a gravel road...

Arrived to the water, cooked to perfection !

27 Calle Arroyuelo
Bohonal de Ibor, Estrémadure.
Espagne ,10320

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