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Toledo, unexpected gift !

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After our train ride and a sleepless night in the legs, one arrives at Toledo, thinking arrive in an industrial town near the capital. But seeing the train station, we realize that the city has no shortage of surprises. 


Indeed, the station is gorgeous, even with our tired eyes we take full sight. The interior is just as nice, it was like coming into a church with stained glass windows, mosaics on the walls and wood carvings. A beautiful demonstration of Spanish art, with a little typical touch of North Africa key. The tourist office in the train station that opened in an hour (yes, it's early), so we went to a cafe and share some shopping for food. The plan in hand, we start to explore the city. Jojo has installed its automatic SPD pedals to test it. We count the start, one, two, three (our little ritual that can only be done in French, we tried in English and in Spanish, but Jojo gave us only false starts), and rushed for two yards before he lost his balance. Jojo was surprised to be hung !! (this is the principle, but it must be said that we were very tired and the timing was not a good choice), so we will try later for speed optimization.


First impression when we enter the old town through the main gate, surrounded by ramparts. What follows is a maze of small streets, all as beautiful as other. Convent, church, monastery, fortress, so many gems that compose it. Each tower is invested by dozens of birds flying at the slightest sound of a bell (don't stay below too long...)


We decided to go find a nice place for our night ! But we still do not know we're in southern Spain (ok, it's the center but it is southest than Laforesta !). We move away and take a mounted at 1pm... we drink our pocket 10L water just 10 meter later... So we must stop in the shade because we are on the edge of hell and drenched in sweat. We perceive a rest area the edge of the road, shaded by pine trees. Just at 5 meter of the goal (the first shadow), an English car stops and starts making us the discussion (like Jojo was in full force mounted and had difficulty speaking) all that to ask why we drive on that hour... this gentleman makes us moral ! After this great exchange of courtesy, we finally can sit under the pines... that happiness ! Except ... waste. Yes, the principle of throwing garbage in the trash is not common in this place. But we take a painting break and do a little nap, tickled by ants.

We leave at 5pm and half, but the heat is still very strong and it climbs severe. One begins to cross the desert campaign. We pass a slum in the countryside, with a neighborhood built in tarp. The next town, we stop at one supermarket, who is very clean and tidy (fruits are aligned and shiny... always a strange feeling). We wonder where can we swim, but in the words of the people, all the rivers and lakes in the area are prohibited (because this water is used for drinking). We are a bit disappointed, because with the heat, a bath was not luxury. Trees are rare, it's the desert. There are olive groves that lined up, which does not allow us to be hidden. But come what may, we will have our little break next to olive trees, and a beautiful sunset.


The next day, after our failure "up early" in La Floresta, we'll retry the experiment. 5am ​​alarm clock (well this is the alarm clock that sings, we wake up 40 min later and start to 7am). And revelation, at this hour it's cold !! But the heat returns quickly from 9am and at 10am it becomes difficult to ride. We pass a small road leading to a lake overhung by a canyon. Superb.

Where is Sharly? ... It makes us some olive oil for sunbathing !


Spent the best hour to ride, we stop at the nearest village (it was about time, we had a more drops of water). We take the time to buy a gas bottle (to replace the one that the controller made ​​us a sacrifice in the street) and replace a seat's bolt  Jojo. We'll even see a bike shop to do a little review of the bike (including the pedal that was a little "click", it's because we become intransigent). Then we goes into a cool bar to start writing our articles. Finally, some rest... We leave at 7pm to find a sleep corner, quickly founded near a river, protected by the reeds. On the other side of the river, there is a pig farm that sounds like a horror movie and waves of stench that deter us to take a illegal dip. Kloklo is still tired of her white night (that she needs more sleep than Jojo, on average 6 more ...), so the next day, the alarm is ignored (Jojo does not wake up either. ..). This day is a day of laziness. No problem, we have some advance. Our work of plastic arts continues and we pushes the song while surviving the heat (we become shadow trackers).

Next day, fresh for new adventures!

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Toledo, unexpected gift !

2 Avenida Reconquista
Tolède, Castille-La Manche.
Espagne ,45004

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