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300km/h maximum speed in mountain !

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Do not be disappointed, this step allows us to test our skills in transportation. We take the train, but how take Sharly and what he take on his back everyday since we left Perpignan ? 

All started at the station Molins del Rei. We don't know how to wear all the little things that we put like a pyramid. But on our way, we encountered a Chinese store that sells everything and also backpacks ! we take the biggest for 16euros. all goes inside, it weighs a ton ! Jojo took it and took the in her arms (Sharly decides to wipe his overflow of grease on the Jojo's white pants). As for me I take the bags one ton each on the little finger: Easy ! Sharly easily folds in two by the central trunk, the handlebars on the left passenger, it derails the chain and we put a tensioner to keep the two sides stick together and go to take the train !

It's late 7pm, but we decided to leave now. First change Barcelona, ​​we realize that the Spanish stations are like airports: X-ray control, turnstile at the entrance / exit, search the muffler of Sharly...

We took off at 21:15 from Barcelona and are at 0:02 to Madrid ! Hooray ! The bike is unfolded not to don't wear it, suddenly the station is empty and there are only us. 1h after all is empty and everything is closed, all the gates. A security guard at the strange and unpleasant touch escorts us to the exit. So no train to Toledo, we are forced to spend the night in Madrid. We wait for the morning to start because it is out of the question to spend more in a seedy hotel overpriced.

A entire night to waiting for the first train to Toledo at 7am. Again and again with controls with advice to the nuts and a security guard who asked us to go take our gas bottle (so already drilled) because there is a high risk of explosion ! Namely that the bottle pass with success the test of the Barcelone train station. In short, speech deaf with a cowboy who asks me to push my bags away while Jojo is gone to the streets to throw the bottle and I find myself holding the bike being loaded like a muleµ.

After a final joke of a controller that tells us to wait the train on the 1st floor (with stairs) while the train arrive on the ground floor (info we had 10min before departure). Panic to board with the load and that Sharly getting impatient giving strike wheel to Jojo ! Another controller make us a spitch (yes we have time for a one-hour discussion) on the size of the bike, which could not take the train during rush hour because too many people (at this time we were five people in the train) ! He accompanies us. Finally, with a 4m safe distance in case we ask him to help us. We arrive at the other side of the dock, of course. Must say that Jojo needed to make a litle of exercise.

20min later in the train we find ourselves at the station in Toledo. We thought happen in an industrial town, but no... we tell you all in the next episode of "Where Sharly?"

Last modified onMonday, 16 February 2015 11:06
  • Coming date: Monday, 07 July 2014
  • The Best: 300km/h !!!!
  • You can't miss this:

    Bike folding

  • The small bad luck: Train Change and the amazing army control in the train station.

300km/h maximum speed in mountain !

11 Plaza Puerta del Sol
Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid.
Espagne ,28013

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