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Malgrat del mar to Laforesta

Malgrat del mar to Laforesta
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So we hit the road in mid-afternoon under the honking of Carolina and JB who decides to accompany us a little... in the car ! A stop to the market to buy a crutch (that will prove too pitite for our bike) and junk food. We continue along the coast and put the camp between a golf course and a short treatment plant, a great moment of camouflage in the reeds (on the Costa Brava, the wild camper is tracked).

The night was uneventful, but it was not counting on the hard-metal-disco run by a Patrick Sebastian Spanish madness (yes, that's possible) and a rooster who decided that the day begins at 3 the morning. Time to pack up everything, we end up leaving the coast to go deeper in the land (and what land!). Our plan was to avoid Barcelona, ​​but it turns out that this town was larger than expected. Our map is not detailed enough and we can not see the terrain, so we obviously lost. Then we ask our way, but one indicates a road and the other another. Jojo is found to push the bike in back streets that rise to 90 °. But to the end, we had an ice cream !

The heat is exhausting but we continue pedaling. Finally we try fixing clipless pedals (SPD) on me to begin with. The Jojo's control station is difficult enough for now. We survive with water ices from village to village. We reflect on our trip and we realize that we have no time to enjoy the regions we cross. We see a castle on our road, so we jumped at the occasion to do a bit of sightseeing. After a fine avenue shaded by plane trees you come across a closed gate....! At least the tour was fast. And again for the route, we fall back into the vicious circle, we ask more people that tells us "turn to the right", and after another one shows us the way to where you came from. A gentleman tells us the direction clearly, then he accompanies us on a walk. After we see him on his bike to show us clearly. This custom Spanish that can turn herself into living GPS is really really nice !

That's it, we go up to La floresta, and climb, and climb... well... Jojo pushes, the landscape is beautiful and our heads too warm (melted marshmallow effect). We find ourselves in a village scattered in the mountains (say that homes start where they can, as soon as the ground is a little flatter). Homes millionaires mingle with young anarchists pierced, tattooed (strange mix). We go down, and go down, and go down ... the brakes are burning ! Unfortunately, we made ​​the decision to withdraw our super reflective stickers on the rear wheel to use the Sharly's secret weapon: the rear brake I manage on the back position (Well, I have something to control !). We paused the forest where we meet a sax player savage (strange but aesthetically and aurally pleasing). There is a camp at the entrance of the city but well hidden. Jojo strongly urging we get up early and we can enjoy the cool of the morning. I say ok, because the heat is just unbearable ...

It is not the mountain that won us, it's Kloklo and Jojo that wins the mountain...

The alarm rings 5h ! But what is this explosive sound ? My accuser gaze falls on Jojo who looks innocently at the sky for some time ! He denies, pointing with her finger a blue sky ... the cheeky ! I go out with all the sleeping bags packed, and turn around me. Woe ! A storm ! The sky was black on the other side, with huge lightnings. Jojo explains that may be the storm passes by and it does not rain where we are... no comment. 5 min later, I decided to put everything in the tent ! We then spend our day in the tent without being installed because we hope to start soon after the storm passed. Finally a day off, which is not unpleasant. We paint our flag and we realize that we miss to have a little time for us... We took the opportunity to review our itinerary. Portugal is still far away. We thought we had time, but the mountain slowed us. The problem is that looking more closely is that there are only mountains in Spain. Briefly, depressed in the rain, we look for a solution...

By mid afternoon, the rain stops. We leave on the next city, buy some food and the rain comes again. And we realize that the climate also wastes us time. Then, we made the decision to cross the mountains by train. So we can finally feel on holiday. Time to make the decision .We get carried away by the fest of a Spanish guy who introduced us to all his friends in the neighborhood. Good atmosphere ! But it is already 7pm and the decision to take the train is taken !

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Malgrat del mar to Laforesta

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