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Cerbère to Malgrat de Mar

Cerbère to Malgrat de Mar
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The next step of our journey towards Portugal ! We continued to drive to the Spanish frontier. After Cerbere, the mountain is a little bit tougher. Arrived in Port-Bou, we do the dishes and start again with fresh water. We decide to go to Decathlon at Figueres to complete our equipment. It takes a mouthpiece to inflate the mattress, towel that dries quickly, our SPD shoes on sale and a tent 3 places and freestanding (handy if you can not plant sardines, rocky terrain of the vineyards of Cerbere taught us this point). A 55 km steps in hand, we put our camp for the night in a village across the fields, in a place invaded by snails ! ^^

The morning is smooth, our mattress aren't inflated with not the pump (because we would have spent the night) but with blower homemade, from a large trash bag and stuck the tip. The game is to fill the bag with air and compress it to send direct air into the mattress. Two minutes flat and it's done ! This solution only works with mattresses with air non-return valves (two valves, one for inflation and one for deflation). The air enters but does not exit.


In the morning, we fold the pack, we take with us some illegal snails in more or less good condition... After morning coffee (taste plastic, even hot, the water have flavor magic ...) towards the dimension to expect to see the sea again but especially take a shower, say that we can glue together.


We take a lot of national road not really nice, our rough map has a scale a little too far to show us the small roads...

We zig-zag around 120 km/h, take a ride against porsches carrera...


We finally arrived at the coast, one of us goes make a small splash in the water however under the gaze of onlookers who prefer to talk to our bike than talk to us.


We go back to the mountains before the night and is a super nice place to camp on the heights overlooking the town of Platja d'Aro, and this time no other snails.


The next day we see that the program of the farmer is brush his field just to us... No matter, with the great heat up the camp become faster a hell. So we start to pack and gone to join Carolina and his companion, JB, that we met a few weeks before in a free sale in Perpignan and they had proposed that we stay one night in their home in Malgrat de Mar. Before we have a big step where we got lost in the woods, taking a hiking road with a 3m long bicycle and 45 kg of luggage... we did well to take 8kg of water with us... a small shower in passing and we ride again.


Then we asked our way at the first house outside the woods, where we spent most of the afternoon. We arrive in a nameless hamlet between Vidreres and Llagostera. We then meet Valentino, who decided to accompany us to drive 20km to show us the way ! Cool ! A lively and friendly gps ! We asked him if he will not go with us to Portugal, but it is a busy man this Valentino, so we parted for ride again on a national where we catch up for lost time, must say that asphalt multiplies the speed unlike the sandy paths (which cost us our first fall, but nothing too bad).


We arrived with the last rays of sun in Malgrat de Mar, on the advice of security of the  curious gardia policeman.

"Don't go in the middle of the road, huh ... and it is good this thing?"

The summer atmosphere and Spanish is here.


We are greeted like royalty by Carolina and JB, we take a shower, a cold beer and a comfortable bed with two cute little kittens and a very friendly meeting. We take advantage of their wifi to write these few lines.

Next step towards the villages north of Barcelona by the coast.

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  • The Best: Meeting
  • You can't miss this:

    The forest, the little pigs and the fields.

  • The small bad luck: It's warm !

Cerbère to Malgrat de Mar

26 Carrer Caporal Fradera
Malgrat de Mar, Catalogne.
Espagne ,08380
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