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First Step : Perpignan to Cerbère

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For our first day, we take the direction of Collioure, we were accompanied by our friends and family (who are motivated and available ! ^^). The departure of Perpignan started on a flying (with 4 hours of sleep in our legs). Start at 6am, despite the many false starts, we get to take off at 7:30. It must be said that to find the balance with the load, it was complicated ! 


Ten minutes later, Guy (Jojo's Dad) and Kwinana (Jojo's Brother), say good by to go at work. An hour later, Alex leaves the squad, having made his bicycle time for the year). After some mistakes in our itinerary, we passes through the vineyards, Saint Cyprien, Argeles, Collioure (and it's the begining to climb), Port-Vendre, Paulilles (lunch break with a swim time for Jeje, (Kloklo's Dad)). Initially, the tandem wheel ask to be tightened and we arrived to Banyuls about 4 or 5pm. At this time, Jeje and Clem began to return at Perpignan. The warriors who fearless and taunting us from the start to do double miles ! ^^

As for us, the road of hell to Cerberes continues, we begin to get used to the idea that we will push the bike a couple of times before go down again (we limit ourselves to 35km / h max for balance, but it makes peak at 55km/h)! We do 55km of ride for the first day.

We finally found a nice place in the vineyards, to put our tent under a menacing cloud of impending storm. Everything is prepared, tarpaulins, protections, we prepare the camp for the worst. Just for 3 drops of rain ... We welcomed our performance to raise a camp faster (must be said that the Jeje loaned us a tent that have a really fast design). The problem for Jojo is to enter the tent, we try the tetris strategy, Jojo chose the combination of L. No luck, kloklo had chosen the square ! In short, we fall asleep quickly because we are exhausted, hoping not to puncture the tent with our feet! Aches, minor wounds and bruises are waiting for tomorrow !

For equipment, the mattresses have been very comfortable, but we had to inflate them with the mouth because no tips compatible with our pump), something to be avoided because we expire humidity that degrading the long fibers inside the mattress, we will find a solution in the coming days. The pocket ortlieb water 10L is super convenient but water has a good taste of plastic for now, we expect to see less taste for the future !

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  • Coming date: Saturday, 05 July 2014
  • The Best: the creeks
  • You can't miss this:

    The Banyuls and the sea !!

  • The small bad luck: The storm

First Step : Perpignan to Cerbère

Cerbère, Languedoc-Roussillon.
France ,66290

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