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Final Destination

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That's it ! The time has come to unveil the mystery destination of our trip to Portugal !


....DRUM ROLL …!


From August 4 to 11 we will enjoy my birthday present !! Jojo & myself waiting for the event for almost a year (I was born on September 23 ...)

The program includes numerous conferences and workshops about ecology, environment, alternative medicine, meditation, art... and at night it's a party with many podiums, ceremonies and music unto the evening next day ! The project is located near a lake in a nature reserve !

For more information go to the website of the Boom Festival !



Last modified onSunday, 15 February 2015 15:56
  • Coming date: Monday, 27 October 2014
  • The Best: Everything
  • You can't miss this:

    Everything we live before.

  • The small bad luck: We tell you !

Final Destination

Idanha a Nova, District de Castelo Branco.
Portugal ,6060-159

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