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Training #2 : On the other side of the Loire

Training #2 : On the other side of the Loire
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This time, we had a guest of honor ! Jéjé, the daddy of kloklo, visited us in Touraine. Then he barely had time to test the comfort of our cave house that we've pushed the bicycles outside (thank you Mathieu, our neighbor who help us to find another bicycle  !). The time to think about the route, take a little tea, as our usual, we left very early, 11am... and it only took 5 minutes for the old man shows as cycling, it knows how doing it !

We decide to take the direction of Tours, then turn onto the opposite bank (this corner there I know it a little is that my bike way to go at my work). South shore is very nice, very wooded and it leads us away enough of cars to enjoy the ride. We all have three different bicycles. Kloklo are left with the VTC bike with 28-inch wheels (borrowed from Chloe, Chloe thank you!) Jéjé has a mountain bike (which seemed to me to be competitive, but after trying to go to work this week, I find that an aluminum frame without suspension, it is not very comfortable) and for myself I uses my ATV with a hopping chain.

They expect me regularly and it allows you to see some pictures to show you how it's nice.

Arrived at Tours, we take the opportunity to see the Cathedral. Jéjé is happy, and he thank us in teaching us one step of his dance lucky. Thank you Jéjé.

We engage us on a small road, see the tour of the city, we see the place Plumereau and we find that there is a thorn the size of a tree trunk in the tire Jéjé . No worries, this is Jojo who thought to take the patches... no? How does " I forgot ? "

It is then that the race to watch, an air mission impossible Jéjé rises and rushes towards Decathlon . He swallows a rise street in two minutes, while kloklo & me, we cheek it in a burlesque way, making race (2km average !). To end up, chasing after my bicycle pump which has made ​​the fugitive and down the slope when I was almost at the top.

At the top , we see only the still warm traces that Jéjé tires on asphalt . All without phone, of course. So we keep the way, hoping that Jéjé take the right direction. " Oh man of little faith !" and we found him in the right place ready to replace its air chamber against some of our supplies (yes , we kept the reserve cakes). After " tire change " we 're ready to hit the road with an air chamber more !

Following is in the pictures, beautiful little landscapes, some mounted (kloklo: "Where we go ? the left or right?" and Jojo to say "We go to the top !"). It is not for nothing that we call this day a training, in short we will have yet to learn, if we  want to claim the rank of hardcore cyclists but we are on the right track and with such a good company as Jéjé, it's sure that we take soon few centimeters "calf circumference" !

Moreover, the tip of the day: If you decide to ride, see the old man and his little grunge look is not for show but to avoid to look like as a mechanic !



I want to remind you that we expect from you that you come ride with us ! Send us an email to take a stroll together !




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  • Coming date: Monday, 14 April 2014
  • The Best: Jeje's company !
  • You can't miss this:

    Place Plumereau in Tours.

  • The small bad luck: Puncture due to an overpopulation of beaver

Training #2 : On the other side of the Loire

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