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Training # 1: the Loire by bike

Training # 1: the Loire by bike
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We had two days of rest in common (which happens rarely), we jumped at the opportunity to train pedaling. The Loire by bike aka Euro 6 is a long bike path belonging to a large network that spreads across Europe.

So this track passes through our village Montlouis-sur-Loire. Our secretary worked a lot lately and demanded his vacation for a long time. So we gave in to his demands and thus Dawa, our little dog (a purebred gremlins) came with us.

Unlike Geoffrey, Dawa and I don't do sports regularly. Basically, I have a lot of bread on the board before starting this summer ! Dawa about it has a little less pressure because as Secretary, the physical work is less important.

We start to Montlouis-sur-Loire to go at Blois. We were supposed to go at Blois and take a tent to sleep in a quiet corner. Unfortunately, my small muscles marshmallow and the small legs of Dawa, we stopped in a small wood, a little away after Mosnes, about 40 km in 4:30. I set up camp at the edge of the forest, while the man of the household went in search of food for the evening. Both say that gentleman was not tired at all because he did 20km in one hour. I found an abandoned trailer and I borrowed some cushions and plastic to make our small well comfortable camp for the night. I'm in a post-war setting in the middle of shoots of nettles that dawa not wait to meet it. The poor spent an horrible evening, squirming everywhere !

We lit a litle fire (very carefully and safe, I swear !) to toast our legs (we don't found marshmallows in the wood). We stuck like sardines in our sleeping bags and night went well. Jojo just been a little paranoid (he saw shadows and people talking in the forest) when I woke him up with a start because I was too sore thighs. He had a little cold (I had the best sleeping bag ^^ !). As for me, I had my thighs on fire to get me warm !

The next day, seeting on the saddle was unthinkable ! Jojo supported me as best he could, for a morning without coffee "suffer in silence !" Then with a little warm training all went well ! The return seemed easier we even took a brekkie in a park in Amboise, accompanied by interested duck.

Back in our little cave, Geoffrey has sorted the pictures so you can see with your own eyes the landscapes that we went through during this first stage.



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  • Coming date: Wednesday, 12 March 2014
  • The Best: Dawa enjoyed the trailer for the last 10 kilometers.
  • You can't miss this:

    Amboise Castle, artisanal charcuterie (just before the town hall in Chaumont sur Loire).

  • The small bad luck: Nettles ...

Training # 1: the Loire by bike

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