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About ... France !

About ... France ! by Geoffrey Manet
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We'll take good habits and will create a special article to discover every countries (on the theme of gastronomy, landscapes, crafts and the rest). We resume some information "be less stupid Jojo", spiced with some sensations, some addresses and your tips (come on, don't be selfish, share a little !).

I present a bit this page because this is the first of a series. We return with this configuration any time we share about the country profil. Some informations could be appear to some a bit trivial, but it is good to use some booster and let the others discover (especially me who forgets very quickly). Little tip, there is a photo album at the end of the article. You can vote for your favorite photo (for register users via login at the top of the site), and at the next article about tips by country there will be only a click of a button and you download directly (in high resolution) photograph of the previous article which has received the best ratings (you can use freely (think of credits site), put in your computer's background, cut it in paper, in short, everything except resell course, is free but must remain !).


Our starting point and home.

01 Its capital is Paris

02 Major cities are BordeauxLilleLyonMarseilleNiceNantesStrasbourgToulon,Toulouse

03 Its language is French

04 Its political system, the republic.


05 Its president, François Hollande

06 Its flag, Three vertical stripes blue, white, red

07 Its National Anthem, La Marseillaise

08 Its motto, Liberty, Egality, Fraternity


09 Its currency, the Euro

10 Its population represents, 65 821 000 people (jan. 2014)

11 Its GDP, 2 121 billion euros (5e World rank) / 33 152 €/ per. (oct. 2013)

12 And its area, 632 834 km2, whose 551 695 km2 in France metropolitan


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