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The menstrual cup  !

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Rambling, Fleurcup Mooncup, Lunette or Meluna, it has many names, but only one function! In reality, it may be more of a function, but I advise against using it to drink coffee (containing a bit small)... Or for a boiled egg but stability is not at the rendezvous. In short, I still have a little time to think about other functions ... or not!

But first, I'll share my experience on the subject. Around me several people have adopted and on several travel sites one can see that to deal with menstruation it's a great environmentally friendly way (for reusable) and economic (prices ranging from 10 to 40 euros depending on the brand).
They are almost all made surgical silicone or TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) latex free, hypoallergenic. This is in the form of mini cup champagne (for poetry). The background can be finished in a little ball, rod or a ring. This just serves as a benchmark to know where the cup is, but do not pull and catch there. Indeed, the idea is that the cup makes a suction effect around the neck of the uterus, so do not shoot (very painful careful) but in two or pinch to an air base to call (So ​​far away at the bottom ^^).
There are often several sizes 1 & 2 (A & B) depending on the elasticity of your perineum, it plays especially if you alraedy had a child or not. Conclusion If you didn't have children and your perineum is classic, so is the first size to take. I have some difficulties to find because that depending on the brand. If you take too much it does not fit, it can hurt and get leaks, if it is too small it might not be fixed and therefore be useless. In short, it is very stressful as a choice, and then there is not necessarily fitting room! I took it on the internet because it is much better to compare prices and see just what say the forums.

So when the package arrived, it was supposedly simple ... Already, it must be tested in real conditions (so when you have your period) because the lubrication is most important during this period. You fold the cup in half and you introduce it. So where? Theoretically around your cervix, but how-to, I do not know of any direct it and then try to unfold within it is not obvious! In short, it is stressful at the beginning and then after I realized she was alone on his way (GPS). No need to do everything tampering, it unfolds and sets up normally. Finally, it won for the first part!
While it is very comfortable, no leaks, no smells, no fuss, just a few more contractions right after installation. As if the suction effect stimulated the cervix.
2nd step: remove! while there I thought she would remain where it was !! It's very technical to remove. This is not a buffer string that can be easily learned. He must go and look everything up there! Yes there is no point you reach the small end must reach the base and theoretically pinch the cup to the air call ... theoretically ... After looking on forums and asked for help from my friends, it have to push as if giving birth and hop press with a finger in the middle (no need to pinch at the base) to fold and to call the air, pull out the finger and as soon as he can must be caught with your thumb and forefinger to remove. In short, it's great technique ...
After celebrating my victory, I continued to persevere and with a little practice it becomes easier and after the took it really is very convenient! I wanted to bring you all the details, because it can really serve! It seems that according to some cups are easier to remove than others.
It must withdraw all 6h, depending on your flow. As soon as this is the end of your period, you can sterilize it in boiling water and store until the next use.


In conclusion, I'm pretty happy with my purchase.


The good: economic, ecological, no smell, convenient to carry, no leaks (even at night) and possible sex (personally I have not tested).

Cons: may cause some additional contractions need experience to handle especially when extracting (beginners must hang on, it's worth it!) And you have to be comfortable with her body (that, you will understand ^^). 

Kloklo (but ou know that).

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