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Sharly !

Sharly !
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It's finally time... to present you our traveling companion, one who will lead us and we will support in the coming weeks pedaling ! Sharly our friend, our recumbent tandem Nazca !

Why a tandem? We travel two and we like being together, our pace will be the same and we can always discuss and encourage each other during the effort !

Then why a recumbent tandem ? Because we slide under the wind and because it's super comfortable !


Sharly is arrived in France 10j before we left, which is always a bit stressful ! But the main thing is to have it now !


We left in the Jura see our friend Laurent-Alain d’Atoocycle, that he has keep safe Sharly still in their cardboards so we can piece together.

Nothing better than advice of a professional !!

After assembling the two parts, we had to try... And yes, in our organization, "bike ride test" is done after... We agree, it's a little bit insane, but some times you have some certitude and good feeling. We essentially based our advice on the comments and experiences of people and their preferences for recumbents when it comes to long distance. With our experience in tandem, and the experiences of others, we were able to confirm our choice on this tandem ...


Furthermore, compared to our trip that includes boat trips and aboard the Trans-Siberian, the "folding" option was required.


So we already know about synchronization tandem, but not on a recumbent ! Laurent-Alain accompanied us on recumbents solo and then the tandem... To the beginning, the stability is not obvious and then Jojo was able to take the shot. Me too, but say it is easier for the person behind as it does not have to worry about neither the management nor the brakes, or balance. In the back you can ride and you can sleep... but don't tell this to Jojo ! Must say that the seats and the position are so comfortable...

After an hour we went back and tasted some bio cake made ​​by his wife and daughter !

Indeed, their life philosophy is based on respect of the environment and renewable energy. In addition to his work as a bike and writer, Laurent-Alain built his house in an ecological way and even managed to install a small wind turbine and solar panels. You can see four hives at the bottom of his garden, all prenamed with positive name (the laughing, the content ...) and bio compost (yes, all organic waste are bio, without chemical products). He even added a part in the engine that feeds the T3 with water and allow it to save 25% diesel.




There was still so much to see what he could put in place to live in harmony with our planet, but time was running out, because we had to start our return journey.


We folded Sharly and put it in the trunk of a... clio estate !!

Great !! This bike is great !!

We take the road, stars in eyes !









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