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About equipment...

About equipment...
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May be it's time to give you a report on what we brought with us for our journey through Spain in July... We'll also say to you after 10 days what is vital and what weighs us down for not much ...

50 kg of equipment, rations for two days, and the water, it's already beginning to be felt !
To sleep:

The tent, initially, we started with a small tent camp / two spots, brown and light green. The color was tops for camouflage, importantly for the "wild" camping. As against the size is not sufficient, it's important to have a little space in the tent for living. Considers that it serves as home and so be able to sit in it. Freestanding tent lets you sleep in the land where the tent peg is impossible (rock, sand, dry ground ...). Two entries (on each side) allow for a flow of valuable air when it's hot. Assembling and dismantling must be fast enough as it is done every day, but most of the tents are fast once you got the hang of. We have made our choice on Decathlon that was on our way to Spain to replace the first tent. Our choice fell on quickhiker 3 places. 3rd place we use to put the bags when the rain is coming and have more space for us the other days. two small spaces where it's possible to put a few things (shoes, ....). The floor mat is very thin, therefore we have a blanket (moltonné one side and impermeable in the other) to put below the tent. The ideal choice would be to take a lightweight floor mats that can serve as a multipurpose tarp. The tent costs only 130 euros which is reasonable and weighs 3.25kg. You have to see what it is worth in the length.




Mattresses Inflatable Exped Synmat UL9 are very comfortable and convenient to inflate. On the one hand, the system of valves to inflate lets not reject air, and so use a bag inflator (which is more faster than all the pomp of the world, without humidity for minimal weight and can be built with a simple inflation adapter (purchased Decathlon) and a trash bag large capacity (60L)). Perfect ! Nothing we managed to pierce one, but the repair kit comes with, it remains to find a river to repair...

Duvets, we recovered duvets twin which is nice when traveling as a couple, but very heavy and not very warm for cold night. Starting in Portugal in the summer, we are especially low budget for mattress. We believe taking down duvets (lighter) provided for the cold and small silk bags to protect them from dirt and be a little warmer. A large sheet for each is very handy when it's hot.

Hammocks we can not use them often, but it also helps to make some shade to the tent during strong sunlight for a minimal weight (100 g each), cost 20euros at Décathlon.

A pillow, because Kloklo can't sleep without, Jojo don't need one but think every night in a Machiavellian scheme to steal...

To eat:

A stove, for now we are content with a standard gas stove, stolen subtly to the Kloklo's mother. Simple but enough in a European region (where to find a gas bottle is not too difficult).

For Meals, consists of a Teflon bowl with two small handful (for pasta) with its lid, a skillet for fried eggs, two plastic plates (we don't use the platefuls, we prefer both eat in small bowl), a big tupperware (super, it can be used also as bowl or to wash something), plastic cutlery (knives unnecessary plastic), a good knife (Opinel), a colander to drain pasta (also useless, you just have to become the master of the technique of "I use plateful"), two cups and two plastic bowls. And that's all it takes.

To transport:

Saddlebags for the side for recumbent bike banana L radical design : moderately waterproof if we read the comments. we have not had enough rain to judge. They allow to let it breathe the business, to keep the affairs and clothes outside humidity we put them in trash bags. They are very spacious with strong closures. Remains to be seen over the long short.

Huge Backpack. Purchased in a small Chinese store in Spain for 16euros, it allows us to go the rest of our things. We put our luggage on the bike using turnbuckles.

Some Trash Bags, to pack our sleeping bags and protect them from the rain. We have a look "bums" and we avoid being mistaken for wealthy tourists that can be stolen.

A little bag logic case for multimedia, to protect and easily catch and remove when you leave the bike. Moreover Kloklo can take the camera quickly if needed during the ride.

For multimedia:

A converterE-werk Butch and Muller, with a very compact auxiliary battery, and allows, through the SON hub dynamo, to recharge our small devices (phones, gopro ...) to the strength of our small calves.

My Canon 60D, too heavy (1kg) and too large. We can make beautiful photos with more compact. We will purchase later because of new models coming out all the time, so much to buy at the last minute to get a better price / quality ratio.

Camera, lgopro last ed. black heros 3+. Video resolutions up to 4K, integrated Wi-Fi, and Auto modes SuperView ™ Low Light, 12MP pictures (up to 30 frames per second). The photos are great, but practice for landscapes but not for macro shots and rear shots if the foreground is very bright. Water resistant to 40 meters (but not yet tested). Small and lightweight.

Laptop which allows us to write your articles, organise your photos and videos. We stole the mom's computer before investing next year in a more powerful and lighter computer (This one is around 3.5kg !) just before we left still in the objective of having a better quality / price ratio.

An external hard drive WD 2TO to store our photos and video. USB3 output allows a higher data rate (so more gain for the battery of the computer) and the power time is essential as a nomad.

For the bike:

Tools, for all the bike, consists of a set of hex wrench, flat keys, pliers to pinch and a pump with pressure index, screwdrivers flat and Phillips small and large, patches of electrical tape, a spoke wrench, a key chain, bolts and spare screws, two tubes, links of chains, "dry spray" fat.

Health and hygiene:

Health Pack composed of broad-spectrum antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, gastroprotective, antidiarrheal, bands (different types), élastoplast, plasters, bandage simple, compresses, vitamins, calcium, son Sterile suture streaks, steristrips, Homeoplasmine, homeopathy (the classic conditions for any kind angina, cold ...), moisturizer, cream joints / muscles, burn cream for (Flamazine) antihistamine to relieve bites and products to prevent, antiseptic (Biseptine ), analgesic (doliprane, codoliprane) eye drops.

A toilet bag composed of deodorant, perfume, cotton, cleansing lotion, bar soap, shampoo, tweezers, cotton swabs, nail clippers, razor (think taking a mower later), sunscreen factor 50, caches eyes (for light, but useless)

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