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The first idea

  • Written by Geoffrey
The first idea Geoffrey Manet - all rights rederved / tous droits réservés
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So yes, it's been a while we thought about it, we dreamed... But now it's time of take some advance. The project grows. If we take a closer look, the more it goes and the more it becomes large, while remaining as possible, this is the coolest of the story, you will understand ... Take a basic desire, travel. We get into the escape between two constraint times, we say us that we want to see a lot of things and that the house credit is not yet for us...


We start dreaming of starting with our truck, as we go on weekends. Must say we have a truck that does not look , but it's as charming as possible, as our dog actually. So , we say us that it is a brave and we would be willing to bear its whims if he takes us across the world. But he has struggled to finish the last move and has " made a break". End of the engine, in the middle of the highway, lucky we are. In short, an epic that makes us smile and makes us doubt shamefully of our fireball. All's well that ends well, it is back on its wheels and in the meantime , I got a forced ticket for bike to go at work.By all seasons, I ride on the the royal river, smiling and tasting our mother earth without mudguard... Ebay you're so nice.

So full of the essence of travel that drags around our home, I'll find the right vehicle for many nights, turning my computer as a melo-manic and burning my eyes on legendary vehicles, such a child with the Christmas catalog of the last year . The most extraordinary 4x4 adventures are offered in my imagination. Weeks passed where every day I came home from work with a new photo to show to my sweet darling, with some tearful eyes, to defend at all costs, this superb vehicle built by geniuses and that could even bring our grandchildren on the moon, subject to some minor changes. How there is no air conditioner ?

Then comes to the rapid calculation of "How much is it? "And "What trick I can find to buy it for nothing?". Then "It burn my eyes I'm going to bed" and finally "Anyway, it's a huge budget !". Then came the little notion of "Eco" that follows our project.

"Eco" as "economic".

Certainly one could say with our large budget (because we were both recently transferred in a super top secret Department of Education, with the right to a friendly leave of indefinite duration and paid by our pension war veteran and merit scholarship that was lying there), but nay. Our budget "journey" will be determined by our present work.

In addition, there is an argument to add, where I catch those who follow us and asks: "Well I say, you were not going to work by bike ? It is where the green ? ". The worst thing is that I very quickly got a taste , this small effort one thirty to and gives me a potato hell ! Although I must admit, the temptation is great to drive Chloe when she is not working , the rains of the Touraine making me still grinning . To top it off I am able to pass on a part of the Eurobike 6 . And it's really nice to enjoy a bike ride without vehicles you shave your calves, I like to keep a certain manly side. It was so obvious that we did not see coming , why buy a car, provide a budget of over € 8,000 gasoline , exorbitant insurance , besides waiting and procedures at the borders with the book vehicle while simply cycling could take us to the other side of the world . So we will give the result of my learning mechanical side and the two books bought there three days ... Especially as seeing the world wasting much ... It was decided , we will follow the policy of " pedaling to travel more ." Push the vice, we travel without fly tickets too. While it may be useful or necessary to burn some fuel to certain passages headlights . But to the extent possible, we will avoid any motorized vehicle .

" Eco " as "green".

And cycling , you can still share courtesy of a beautiful day , much more than car. We will be closer to the meetings and so we see the world in its greatness.


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