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What has been taken for our WorldTour ?

I'll give you a little list of our package. Be kind, after the last two days we're a bit on the ground, having faced three opponents cycling worst elements (rain and wind, and eventually the mud!). Kloklo will tell you these first two steps of 70 and 130km in the travel book.

Until kloklo wakes up to tell you all that, I undertake to tell you a little about what we have to pull and push!

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How to save money for traveling?

We saved € 25,000 in the space of a year and a half. Some may do better else you say that it's just impossible to save that amount in so little time. I think to save in a short period of time, you will make some small sacrifices. These sacrifices will depend on your personal boundaries and are therefore very dependent on one person to another. So we will inform you of our own history.

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Map.me, the application to find his way, travel by bike.

Travel by bicycle is an adventure in itself. Rare are those who will leave no means of navigation. The papers have beautiful cards be cool to learn, they are nevertheless inconvenient in terms of everyday use ... The wind, precision, weight ... will certainly arguments to find a way more 'modern "(except that you will need to pre-fill the battery level)....

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Instructions to fly with a bike, a recumbent tandem

We must consider that traveling by plane with a bike carries a risk. And less to take out excessive collateral (which by the way, come back to take a bike insurance, a principle of the present economy with which I disagree a few), you will not really about turning back the possible breakage. We will have to accept the fate and bring your trust the people who take care to put the bike on the plane and you will never see. In short, you must know that the bike may be abused and that you can not do anything.

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Obtain drinking water around the world

A water filtration system is essential if you are going on around the bike world, because in some parts of the world there is no drinking water, no supermarket to buy bottles.

For drinking water we must first know what you are dealing with water!

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We opted for shopping gradually according to our real needs. No need to buy 50 bags if we use only two! We had a choice between basic bags that fits all bikes (human and coated) or those provided specifically for recumbent bikes. There are lots of brands, but very few recumbent bike.

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Sleeping bag

To choose a sleeping bag that is a real ordeal he's everywhere of all brands of all prices, something crazy. We will already make a first comparison of down or synthetic. The weight, volume and washing are important criteria for our travel style.

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The tent Quickhiker III - 3 persons

Why did we choose this tent Quechua? Frankly, we bought it on our trip to Portugal, even at the very beginning. We started with a small lightweight tunnel tent (1kg), but very uncomfortable, especially for two! We could not go out & go in. There was no apses, the interior did not allow us to be able to house the bags in the rain and the first night was very revealing! A storm on the Mediterranean coast was pointing the tip of his nose and we had to pitch the tent in a vineyard. The hard soil with abundant pebbles made us realize that it was better to invest in a more freestanding tent and more spacious, even if we gain some weight ! So we are going 70 km away on the first Decathlon ... Therefore, the fate determined our choice. So I can't give you a comparison of different models of tents and assure you that this tent is the best, but I can tell you its strengths and solutions / improvements we have made to this tent in order to refine your choice.

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The menstrual cup  !

Rambling, Fleurcup Mooncup, Lunette or Meluna, it has many names, but only one function! In reality, it may be more of a function, but I advise against using it to drink coffee (containing a bit small)... Or for a boiled egg but stability is not at the rendezvous. In short, I still have a little time to think about other functions ... or not!

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