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km on the bike : 

15 500 km

Actual town :  

St Denis (La Réunion)

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I've always had a taste for travel since my childhood. With this, my desire to help others. I made it ​​my job: nurse. I specialized myself in nursery because children are the future ! they are full of energy, innocence and truth. I have always been aware of the injustice of our world, "why are we rich or poor? Why be born handicapped or with any other problems that others do not ? "

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I am asked the question of "far away" until very late in my life. But I've always been attracted by the fresh air, this one that I do not yet breathed. Nature always intrigued me and I adored since childhood observed it to reach understanding. Much less attracted by the social intrigues of my peers, except for friendship, one that is simple and reassuring. The friends, it's the friends that said to myself, brother !

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The 4,000 islands Don Det and Don Khon

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Pakse and trays of Boloven

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